Saturday, October 11, 2014

Random Thoughts with Liz

It's that time again.  Throw on a conductor's hat & grab your choo-choo whistle.  Jump on the crazy train and see if you can keep up with my topic-jumping brain.  Here are a few things going on in my head.

#1:  It's Fall.  Or Autumn?  Harvest time?  Death of the trees & coming of winter?
Whatever you call it, it's here.  Or at least the calendar claims that it is.  Texas has its own ideas about Fall/Autumn/Harvest time/Death of trees & coming of winter.  Texas balls up its fist and shouts to the heavens "I will change colors & cool off when I'm good and ready."  Or at least that's how it sounds in my mind when I'm wiping my sweaty brow on Halloween night.  {Note:  I remember about 4 Halloweens in my lifetime when it was actually cold by that time.  But that's rare.}  {2nd note:  I am ready for Texas to decide that it's time to cool off.}

#2:  Scentsy
All my girlfriends have filled their Scenty burners with fall scents.  Since I am poor & cheap, I refuse to spend $25-50 on a scentsy burner.  I can buy scentsy wax bars & put them into a clear votive holder on my candle warmer & exactly the same.  Okay, I'm totally lying.  I only have 1 actual scentsy brand bar.  The rest came from Walmart & work just as well.  See?

#3:  Ugh, really?
I can not even begin to wrap my brain around the fact that we're already 11 days into October.  Because I'm really clear on the fact that once you have made it this far into October, we're only like 3 days away from celebrating Thanksgiving, then (it feels like) about 2 days later it's Christmas.  Then New Year.  Then Valentine's Day.  From October through February, time seems to FLY for me.

#4:  Bethany's coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Actually I will be okay with THIS month passing rapidly.  On the 25th, one of my very best best best friends is making a trip to Texas to see me.  Well, actually she's coming to Texas a couple days prior with her husband for a work trip of his, but I'm telling everyone that she's coming just to see me.  We met online in the late 90s and have been BFFs ever since.  Larry & I made a quick trip to Missouri several years ago & got to spend about 48 hours with them...and now they're coming here.  I can't wait!!!

#5:  I am a pig.
Actually all of my family members are pigs.  I might oink a bit myself sometimes.  Seriously, we live like wild animals about half the time.  The house is ALWAYS a wreck.  I wish I was kidding.  I don't just mean there is a pair of shoes by the front door or a couple of dishes in the sink.  But it's not FILTH either.  It just gets very messy & cluttered very fast because our house is small & there is not a ton of storage space.  Things tend to get dumped and never picked up.

Case in point....a couple weeks ago I was home alone for a few hours.  I couldn't stand the kitchen for one more minute.  I even took before & after pictures. This is the view from my bedroom door looking into the kitchen.

And after:

Still far from perfect, but oh my gracious, I hope you can see the difference!  I can!  Seriously, it was disgusting!  (Please tell me yours looks like this sometimes!!)


#6:  I finished season 7.
I am a die-hard fan of the TV show Friends.  Yes, I know it went off the air in 2004 and I need to let it go.  But I will always love it.  A couple years ago, a friend loaned me the 1st season of Big Bang Theory (TV show) on DVD.  I finished it rapidly and began looking for season 2.  I found it on Amazon for $10-15 and bought it.  As soon as I finished it, I re-listed it online & sold it and put that money toward season 3...then season 4, 5 and 6.  Season 7 finally hit the market in early September.  I just finished watching it today.  I am such a fan of nerdy comedy.  It runs a close 2nd to Friends.  I see a lot of similarities in the story lines.  There is the group of friends who all hang out at one particular apartment for most of the shows.  (Monica's/Leonard & Sheldon's)  They have the 1 "outside" friend who starts out as a bit part in the hang-out place but becomes a bigger part of the show as the series goes on.  (Gunther/Stewart)  There is the one couple that you root for all throughout the show who keep breaking up & getting back together.  (Ross & Rachel/Leonard & Penny)  You get the idea!

#7:  Church shopping
A couple months ago we began looking for a new church home.  We have visited 1 methodist church, 1 baptist church, 1 charismatic church, 1 non-denominational community church and tomorrow we're visiting a church of Christ.  You could say that we are mutts.  Ha ha!  The little community church is a strong contender, but we have so many others we want to check out before we make a decision, we are continuing our journey, but growing a bit weary.  We are enjoying having a time of not being connected to one particular place, giving us the freedom to visit churches we have always wanted to scope out....but at the same time we are also ready to get settled.  All of us as human beings have a deep need for connection & feeling needed/wanted....and that certainly extends to the local body of believers.  We are seeking God's will in finding the right place for all of us to feel loved & nurtured, to grow and be taught, to serve and support, to worship and lead us into the next season of life.
#8:  Savannah
Our sweet girl is mid-way through her first semester of college.  She is taking 4 classes at the moment, but she is about to start a 5th class next week.  It is just a half-semester class.  She is GIDDY to get started in it, however, because it is an art class (her major.)  She works as much as possible, goes to class a lot and spends pretty much every minute of every evening tucked away in her bedroom working on homework.  I am about as ready as she is to see this semester end so she can get a little rest.  I figure next semester her load will be a little lighter and she will be able to breathe a little more.

#9:  Samuel
Sam is playing football like a pro these days and is enjoying his Ag class in high school.  The first six weeks has ended with 1 high C and a bunch of As and Bs.  I'll take it!  For a kid who has never really ENJOYED school and would prefer to be climbing a tree or fishing or hunting or just about anything else outdoors than sitting in a desk, I am super proud of him!

#10:  Sarah
Sarah's first six weeks of 8th grade have been good.  She is a library aide one period of the day and is in high school level algebra along with all her other regular classes.  She is anxiously preparing for UIL All Region contest for band & has pretty much perfected her music already.  I love seeing her excited about band!

#11:  I'll quit now.  I could keep going because I have other random stuff to talk about.  God bless you for making it this far!  I'm going to grab my latest People magazine & hit the bubble bath.  It's 10:55 PM after all!  Goodnight.