Tuesday, July 7, 2015

How ProBio5 has helped my IBS

NOTE 1:  This post contains the word poop quite a few times.  It is necessary for the explanation of the product I am talking about & is handled in a mature, medical sort of fashion.  If that makes you squeamish or grosses you out, you may want to skip this post.

NOTE 2:  I am NOT selling this product.  I am not affiliated with Plexus in any way other than being a buyer of their products.  This review is simply because I have been very impressed with the way Probio5 has worked for me and I wanted to share my experience. I know a lot of people who deal with tummy issues that it might help as well!

Those of us who battle tummy troubles often don't want to discuss it because quite honestly, it makes people uncomfortable and therefore makes us feel more so like we have a dread disease.  It's embarrassing enough to have to deal with issues that give us gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, etc. without having to talk about it & watch people squirm.  So most of us DON'T talk about it.  It's weird so we avoid it at all costs.  Sometimes, even with our doctors.  Tests & procedures relating to intestinal problems are not pleasant so we suffer in silence to avoid it all.

Or at least that's the case for me!  So, here we go:  the first time I've talked publicly about a very private, not-so-nice topic.  But I'm putting myself on the line in hopes that other people who suffer will eventually find this blog post and get help from their doctors or the right supplements & products.  For me, that magic product is ProBio5 from Plexus.  It has changed so much for me!

For most of my adult life, I have battled IBS.  I know I had symptoms and issues off an on as a child & into my teen years but it became a bigger problem in my 20s and 30s.  From what I've read, that's pretty common among IBS patients.  I remember my dad talking about his "nervous stomach" when I was a kid and I guess I just assumed I inherited that from him.  IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) is the umbrella term that GI doctors give to a wide variety of symptoms that affect sufferers in different ways.  Generally, once they rule out big, major, life-threatening stuff, they call the rest of us with GI issues IBS patients.  IBS means that your GI tract is very sensitive and will respond to diet and stress in a yucky way.  It could mean constipation, gas, bloating, explosive diarrhea, frequent potty trips or a host of other symptoms.

For me, IBS means that I poop at least 10-12 times a day.  (Yes, I'm totally serious about that number.) Some of those times are the very urgent, goosebumps raising on my arms, sweating & running to the potty NOW type of poops.  That usually happens if I'm under a lot of stress or have eaten a food that has flared up my gut.  But even without these "no-no" foods or major stress, going to the bathroom a million times a day is just part of my life.

I have a list of foods that I know I CANNOT eat at all because I will be in the bathroom before I finish what's on my plate.  Other foods also cause trouble, but not quite as violently.  Stress can cause symptoms.  Medicines can cause trouble for some people.  For me, ANY food/drink with fake sweeteners cause symptoms. In general, IBS makes me go to the potty a LOT & can be triggered by a number of things.

For most people, pooping happens once in the morning upon waking and maybe once more later in the day.  Their poops are typically consistent both in frequency and umm...firmness.  For me, pooping is a part of my day all day long, every day.  I usually tend toward looser stools, nearly to the point of diarrhea.  That isn't such a major issue as long as I'm in a place where there are bathrooms available or I am not involved in an activity (work, church, school, etc) that makes going to the bathroom a million times impossible.

Here's where the ProBio5 comes in.

Over the years, I've been told that I should take a probiotic.  I have bought over the counter drug store probiotics for a long time.  I've tried Phillips Colon Health, Align, Culturelle and many others from health food stores and other places.  A month's worth of any of them is around $30.  But here's the thing.  While taking all of those products, I could never tell if it was actually doing anything or not.  There was no change at all in my IBS symptoms.  I just felt like I was taking them "because I should."  I never knew if they were really doing me any good.  I guess you could say I took them out of some sort of obligation rather than because they gave me some great benefit or relief from IBS.

Last fall, I began using a Plexus product that ended up being a dud for me.  I drank their Slim drink for 7 months with almost zero results.  After many hundreds of dollars were spent on it, I finally gave it up.  (I wrote a whole review about that product as well.  You can read it **HERE**.)  Even though the drink didn't work out for me, I began trying their probiotic in January of this year.  At the time, I really just did it to help the girl who was selling.  I figured I would spend the same as what I was spending at the drugstore to buy the Plexus probiotic & it would help her sales.  I figured it would be the same as every other probiotic I've taken.  Boy was I surprised.

The first day I took the ProBio5, I pooped a million times early in the day.  I worried that I'd really messed up by starting the product that day because I was due to see my gynecologist that morning.  But fortunately Poopageddeon 2015 ended early enough that I could shower & make it to the doctor on time.  After that morning, I was a little scared to continue taking it at all.  But I decided to give it a few more days and see if I had the same issue every day.  Thank goodness I did not.  It took about a week of taking ProBio5 for me to start seeing results.  But once I did...WOW!  On the days when I forgot to take it, I could TOTALLY see a difference.

I began noticing that I'd wake up in the morning, poop once like a regular person and then I wouldn't have to "go" again until late in the day.  And neither one was "explosive" or urgent in nature.  Both times I would have a firm, normal sort of poop.  It was shocking to see how quickly my GI tract "leveled out" and began functioning like a normal person's!  I don't feel like I'm controlled by how many times a day I have to find a bathroom.  I don't feel like I must constantly eyeball my food & determine if I will have time to deal with trips to the bathroom or if I should skip eating it altogether.  Of course, there are still foods that I try to avoid because I don't want to risk it.  I still know that some foods just really don't jive with my tummy.  But in general, my symptoms of IBS are sooooooooooooo much better!!

When I miss a dose, or worse, if I miss taking it for a few days in a row, I see all those old IBS issues flaring up & coming right back! No product will ever CURE my IBS, but this one *definitely* has made my life so much easier.  ProBio5 has decreased by symptoms dramatically and keeps my GI system working like it should.  I am so thankful that I found it!!

And FYI:  if you decide to get it on the company's auto-ship program it's $31/mo.  If you're going to spend that much monthly on probiotics, buy one that actually works & does something!!  Otherwise you're just throwing money down the toilet.  Literally.


J-me said...

I just read your Bio5 and your IBS. I was wondering how you are doing? Still taking it? How did you take it? Only at night? One capsule just before a meal?
I have IBS and believe in Probiotics. I started taking Bio5 this week but want to know how you take it and how it's your syptoms are.
thank you
Merry Christmas

Anonymous said...

I read your article on the drink as well, and was wondering if you have continued to have success with the probiotic after quitting the drink? My husband has IBS and I have read for some the drink helped, so it made me curious. :) We have recently started plexus to see if it helps. Thank you so much! Michele

Liz said...

Michelle, yes. I still take the probio5 today, long after stopping the drink. And yes, still having great success with it!

Liz said...

Yes. I still take it and still see great results from it. I take 2 at bedtime every night.

Liz said...

Yes. I still take it and still see great results from it. I take 2 at bedtime every night.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful! Thank you for your quick reply. Michele

Unknown said...

Hi! I'm wondering if you have tried the BioCleanse. I have IBS and I started with BioCleanse and ProBio5 and was having good results. after about a month I started the Slim and things went downhill from there. I'm stopping the slim now and wondering if I should cut back on the BioCleanse to see if that helps as well. Do you take 2 probio5? what time of day do you take it?


Liz said...

Rachel, the biocleanse was too powerful for my system.

Kathy said...

Did the probio5 help you with IBS pain in your stomach? That is my main problem other than going to the bathroom 5 times a day -pain gets pretty bad st times

Liz said...

I really never had stomach pain so I'm sorry I really can't answer your question on that.

Kerry W said...

Hi Liz,
Thank you for your willingness to post about this! My husband and many friends suffer from colitis and IBS since early 20's and now in our 40's. I tried Plexus first because I suffered, yes that is past tense, with many ailments. After he we saw my results, I was able to convinced him to try them. 2.5 months ago he started the Tri-Plex (Slim, bio cleanse, ProBio5) & recently added the Vital Biome and is doing pretty good. I will say that he went much slower adding in their recommended doses and maybe that was the difference? He was VERY nervous to try anything besides his regular colitis meds for good reason! Also, they just came out with a new and improved Slim. They added prebiotics to it and a new probiotic, Vital Biome, that has 8 different strands of probiotics. The prebiotics feed the good bacteria in your gut and help them to flourish! The ProBio5 has 5 strands plus the enzyme that kills the candida yeast in your gut, which is the main cause for so many ailments. I have been a big believer that everyone needs to be on a good probiotic! I'm sorry that I am babbling but I have learned a lot over the years and anything I can do to help, especially with your disease, I feel the need to share. I have 2 friends, both with colitis, that just started on the tri-Plex today! I will keep you posted on their progress. Keep in mind that everyone is different so listen to what your body is telling you! After all, you know it better than anyone!

Kerry W said...

Hi again :) As weird as this sounds, 2 days after my post, the new recommendation for peeps with IBS and colitis is Slim, VitalBiome, ProBio5 and the new X Factor Plus multivitamin, no longer BioCleanse. I know you mentioned Slim didn't do anything for you Liz, but the new Slim now has prebiotics, which basically feeds the good bacteria :) The Vital Biome (probiotic with 8 strains different from the ProBio5 with 5 other strains) and new and improved X Factor Plus were released just over a month ago and have received great feedback. The multivitamin has aloe allowing it to absorb quicker. When digestion happens quicker than normal to the bowel, you don't get the nutrients out of your food that you need which is important. The added probiotics is just adding more good strains of bacteria getting to your gut. Both ProBio5 and Vital Biome have a protective layer, protecting them from the stomach acid. This allows it to get to your gut to where it is needed. Just an FYI...Probiotics should be kept at 70 degrees or below and NEVER put them in a pill case! Again, everyone is different so listen to your body, especially having IBS or colitis! My 2 friends started this week just taking the Slim and will be adding the Vital Biome soon followed by the ProBio5. So far so good! The one on heartburn meds experienced some additional bloating as did I but passed on day 4. The other said Slim helped with his appetite right away. It took me longer to lose my sweet tooth:) I did take my hubby off of the Bio Cleanse and he has less gas (which is a great thing to be able to pass gas without anything else coming out)! I will keep you posted with their progress. It may not work for all but I knew we were willing to try anything new that could possibly help and it definitely helped us! Hope this helps!

Candice said...

Hi Liz,
I love that your blog is still getting replies after all these years! It means that people arent getting the help they need from their doctor, or afraid to, and are getting help on the web.
I could tell your exact story to a T. From remembered having to wait for my mom to run to the bathroom before we went anywhere to experiencing the symptoms myself in junior high, etc with no idea I had a problem. Throughout my 20s the symptoms progressed to where they were almost unbearable. Never ate dinner with friends, no festivals, movies, road trips, etc bc I never knew when it would strike, how bad, how many times, consistency. Almost ALL foods and drinks would kill my stomach and send me to the bathroom. If not right away, the following morning or even all the next day or two. I would medicate myself before dinner with tums, mylanta, anti diarrhea thinking it would save me. Nope, just ended up taking more right after. I would have stomach pains so bad I had to sleep sitting up on my back only. That became my routine. Eventually went to see a GI, did several test and after no resolution I searched the web. I then came across stories about Plexus for IBS. I have taken the TriPlex for 2 years and majority of my symptoms calmed down a bit. I still cannot eat very greasy foods or sugars without regretting it. The end result is so bad I hardly even crave those foods anymore. I did gain about 10-15 pounds in the first year, mostly as a result of my food staying in and digesting properly. (I know most people use it as a weight loss. I have remained the same since gaining. No more, no less. There are success stories about women who are bulimic who have recovered using plexus). Regardless of the reasons for taking or not taking it, I do feel it is a good replacement for your OTC Multi Vitamins and Probiotics.
Since the new formula has been released, many of my symptoms have returned. (And boy does it feel 10 times worse after not having to deal with it for so long). I still take the TriPlex, X Factor, and Vital Biome. I switched back to the old formula for a month, felt great. Then back to the new formula, not so great. Im not sure what the miracle ingredient is but I hope it stays. I just recently ordered myself 2 of the old 30-day supplies! Hopefully it will keep me sane for a while. My friends and family are already starting to get tired of me!
Thanks for the story, and the laugh :)

Unknown said...

I have IBS and when I've tried probiotics in the past they actually seemed to make me go more, but I've been reading such wonderful things about the ProBio5 that I really think I might give it a try. I'm Just so nervous!

JD Nehring said...

Are you still taking the ProBio5? Do you take just the one product?

Liz said...

JD Nehring,
Yes, I do still take ProBio5 and it's the only Plexus product I use.