Saturday, March 12, 2016

Spring Break 2016

Last weekend I made myself an extremely ambitious spring break to-do list. I always do better when I have a list to check off.

There were 12 items on the list. There were cleaning items. There were organizing items. There were lying around & resting & reading items. As it turns out, I crossed off 6 items & part of 2 others. Of the things that I DIDN'T do:

1. Bathrooms: organize inside the cabinets. {Who really looks inside those cabinets anyway? I'll deal with the mess this summer when I have more time to clean!}
2. Clean off the kitchen table & sweep under it. {Really, it's never used for food these's a storage unit. Perpetual problem for us!}
3. Mopping {I'm going to try to do this one tomorrow, actually.}
4. Finish season 1 of Gilmore Girls {I watched and enjoyed the pilot episode, but haven't made it past that yet.}
5. Read all of The Wedding by Nicholas Sparks. {I'm about 1/2 done. I've been too busy to read much this week. But I am enjoying it, so it will be finished!}
6. Fold & put away all the laundry. {Umm...yeah. Nope. Hasn't happened. But there is plenty of it to do if anyone wants to come do it for me.}

BUT I have accomplished some other things.  For example:
1.  Sam got in some behind the wheel driving time for his driver's ed course.
2.  We fed a friend's dogs every day while they traveled. (Blogger says traveled only has 1 L in it, but it looks weird to me like that.  Seems like it should have 2 Ls.)
3.  We watched several episodes of Friends.
4.  Sarah slept at a friend's house 5 of the last 8 nights.  That means a lot of getting her to or from someone's house.
5.  I had a lunch date with Sam, who ran some errands with me one day.
6.  I had a lunch date with Sarah, who ran errands with me another day.
7.  Sarah and I both got haircuts.
8.  I washed & dried about 10 loads of clothes.  (But alas.... #6 from the first list.)
9.  We cleaned both bathrooms.  Ya know...from the baseboards up anyway.  (Just don't look inside the cabinets.)
10.  Cleaned & re-seasoned 3 cast iron skillets.
11.  Changed all the sheets in the house.
12.  Visited the new Goodwill store in town.
13.  Did the dishes daily.
14.  Handed out several Avon books to new people.
15.  And last but not least, I slept a little later than usual EVERY day.

I could keep going, but you get the idea.  I may not have accomplished all the cleaning & organizing that I'd hoped to, but by golly, I got some stuff done.  It might not have included a beach or sunshine.  (Heck, I'm in Texas...the land of a thousand floods this week!)  But it included a bit of rest, time with my kids and some downtime.

Back to the grind Monday!