Friday, September 7, 2012

Update on Us

Oh wow. It's been a few weeks since I posted! Time to catch up!

Our final week of summer was spent much like the rest of the summer---working at the preschool, hanging out at home, taking Savannah to and from summer band practice, watching TV, sleeping late. You get the idea. I didn't get to do a final week of summer post, but that's about all there would have been to report.

The kids started school on Monday, August 27th. Savannah returned to the high school as an 11th grader and these first 2 weeks of school have been great for her. She got her letter jacket last week. The funny thing is, exactly 20 years before she graduates, I got my letter jacket from the same high school for the same type of thing---both of us are journalism people! (Mine was for yearbook staff, hers for UIL journalism writing.) Samuel began junior high and has been delighted to start football. He has practices after school on most days & comes home famished & ready to eat through the refrigerator and pantry. He is also excited and happy that he was able to test out of the Reading Improvement class and return to his favorite elective class--CHOIR! Sarah started 6th grade at a new (to her) school. She is in beginner band & has gotten her name tag for her clarinet & is now ready to get starting playing it!! (The band directors ask the kids not to put together or play their horns at all before they teach them the proper way to do everything.)

I started my new job on Tuesday, August 28th at the law office. I am really enjoying it. It is certainly way different from everything I've ever done, but it's been good. I'm learning new things and am discovering that maybe I can handle jobs that don't include children, too. The only downside is that I won't be off with the kids during school holiday breaks or summer, but we'll tackle those days as they come. One thing at a time.

Last weekend we travelled to The Woodlands, TX for Larry's cousin's wedding. It was a treat to get away from home for a weekend and stay in a nice hotel. The wedding was beautiful & very fancy. On the way home, Sarah came down with a stomach virus and we have all passed around some version of it ever since. Mine has lingered the longest, but I'm on the mend now.

That's the update around here. Looking forward to catching up on everyone else's blogs this weekend!

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