Friday, July 5, 2013

A Year of Dates: July 2013

Our date this month was set to be a Saturday morning date, but it just so happened that this week, Larry had today off, so it became a Friday morning date instead.  First we went to IHOP for breakfast.

Best omelet ever!  Mushrooms, spinach, onions, tomato, cheese & hollendaise sauce on top.  Yum!!

Then we moved on to Home Depot.  The goal was to browse & daydream while taking some silly pictures.  Ha ha!  We certainly did both!

While walking to the restrooms, we passed this cool toy & Larry decided to give it a test drive.  (He didn't actually crank it up & move, but he might have if he could figure it out!)  When I came out of the bathroom, he was missing...and so was this machine.  For a split second, I panicked that he had ACTUALLY driven it off to some other place in the store.  ha ha!!

Larry tested out one of the shower stalls.

And one of the bathtubs.  (Yes, this is about 4 feet off the ground....a little climbing was involved.)

 Has asked me to climb up & join him, but I was a little chicken, so we tried a shower stall that looked a bit like a "Beam Me Up Scotty" pod thing.  ha ha!

Finally!  Someone made a fridge for short people like me!!

This stud finder was quite effective.  After all, I located a stud.

On our way out, Larry tested out a tractor.  But rather than drool over it like most men, he used the two hand controls & made sound effects as if he was playing a cool video game.  It's hard to explain, but it was sooo funny.  If we could afford a $5000 lawn mower, I suspect this is exactly what I'd see in my yard!  ha ha!

If you aren't aware of what this whole "Year of Dates" thing is all about, go to the bottom of this post & click on the Year of Dates label to see all the posts of this topic from the beginning.  The reader's digest version:  this is all part of Larry's Christmas present this year!

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Anonymous said...

I absolutely love these ideas & your fun blog about your dates.This is something my hubby & I struggle with is finding time for date nights. Once a month should be do able & I love your creative dates... think I can do this for the kids too! A rewards jar or once a month "date". Thanks for posting.