Sunday, September 15, 2013

40 Reasons Why I Love You, Larry

1.  You married me.
2.  You have stuck with me through the really hard stuff.
3.  You gave me three amazing kids.
4.  You're hot.
5.  You make me laugh.  Until I snort.  And pee.
6.  You love our '2 minute snuggle' as much as I do.
7.  You are a great example to our kids of how a man should treat his wife.
8.  You hunt to fill our freezer.
9.  You take Sam hunting & teach him how to clean the deer/hog/squirrel.  Teaching him to become a man who takes care of his family is a priority.
10.  You would take the girls & do the same if they wanted to go.  Nothing is too boyish for your girls to learn!
11.  You are willing to embarrass yourself to make me feel better or to entertain the kids.
12.  You laugh at my jokes before you tell me that they're dumb.
13.  You are not afraid to cry in my arms -- and you don't freak out if I cry in yours.
14.  We have the same sense of humor - warped, crude, obnoxious, goofy. (and sometimes dirty!)
15.  You love our kids with great passion.
16.  You love me even more passionately.
17.  You tease & flirt with me after all these years.
18.  You appreciate me & remember to tell me often.
19.  You write silly love songs for me.
20.  You are easy to please.
21.  You let me be me & indulge my crazy ideas.
22.  You allow me to be a part of your toughest struggles.
23.  You explain news stories to me when I ask you for the 3rd grade, 5 minute version.
24.  You cuddle -- then leave me alone! -- when we doze off at night.
25.  You love the Lord and don't care who knows it.
26.  When you teach, people listen.  You make the Word make sense to them & make it feel applicable to their life.  You are an amazing teacher!
27.  You have a knack for flirting with old ladies and making them feel special.
28.  You have a knack for flirting with ladies our age & making them feel special, too.  (And it doesn't bother me a bit because I know who you're coming home to!)
29.  There isn't a baby alive that you won't try to entertain.
30.  You have a special talent for ruining perfectly wonderful songs with your crazy lyrics.
31.  Did I mention that you're hot?
32.  You protect me -- physically, spiritually, emotionally.
33.  Your musical tastes make me grin.
34.  You snore like a freight train running through my bedroom, but I don't think I could doze off without it anymore.
35.  You refuse to let anyone treat me with less than the respect you feel I deserve.
36.  You compliment me from the pulpit.
37.  Our girls know their daddy loves them and would walk across hot coals to save them from harm.
38.  Our son knows his daddy loves him and would dodge bullets to keep him safe.
39.  Your soft, smooshy lips.
40.  And yes, that.  (oh hush folks....he's my husband.)

Today is Larry's 40th birthday.  I love this man more than I can even put into words....but I hope this got close.

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