Friday, October 4, 2013

Year of Dates: September

Since September is Larry's birthday month, this month, the date night was his choice.  It was up to him to pick a place to go eat & a movie to watch.  (Because honestly, we can never agree on a movie so I told him this time he could totally pick whatever he wanted & I would go see it with him.)
We never had a night to do both things in one night, so we had to split it up.

About 2 weeks ago, we used a gift card and visited a new restaurant.  (Not new to town, but new to us--we had never been before!)

All we knew was that the food was sort of a 'fancy' version of mexican food.  And yep...that was right.  I selected veggie enchiladas & this (bottom picture) was my plate.  There is nothing at all wrong with the food, but for a girl from East Texas who is used to Tex-Mex, this was way different than what I was expecting.  It wasn't bad tasting, just different.

Tonight we were finally able to follow up with the 2nd half of our September date.  When we went to the restaurant a couple weeks ago, Larry told me that there was a movie coming out later in the month that he'd really like to see.  So since we didn't really have time to go to the theater then, we decided to wait until this movie made its way to the theater before we went.  And wow.  What a movie!

Larry chose the movie "Prisoners".  I will not give away the whole story, but I will tell you that it was definitely not one I would've picked out to see.  But, dang, it was good.  Essentially, Hugh Jackman's character's daughter is abducted with a neighborhood friend and he goes on the hunt to find her and will stop at nothing to get the story out of her abducter.  In the very end, the whole story comes together & you learn the history of each character---which is way deeper than you would EVER guess.  It's very intense!  (And by the way, if you go see it, the end of the movie STINKS....just fair warning--and it's not what you may think!)  Here's the trailer for the movie.

And do you want to hear something fun?  Tomorrow we are going to have October's date night!!!!!!

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