Sunday, May 11, 2014

So many things...

Get ready.  This one's gonna be all over the place.

*I have 19 days of school left.  The kids have a few less than that.  It's almost summer!!  I do NOT look forward to the crazy insane summer temps and 99.9% humidity, but boy I am ready for a break and lots of time with my silly kids.

*Speaking of silly kids, THIS is what I got from them for Mother's Day today.  The front of the envelope looked like this. You may have to click the pic and look at the bigger version to read Sarah's funny cartoon about how I should respond when I get the card from her.

I opened the funny envelope and found this card.  This is the front.

And the inside.

But the best part of the whole thing was this note inside from Savannah (whom we have nicknamed Nana since she was about 2 years old.  Long story.)

It made me laugh so much!  First of all, Savannah admitted that she felt funny buying a card with the word "ass" on the front.  That tickles me.  How many 12th graders do you know who have trouble with that word?  And secondly, I died laughing when I read her note inside.  Clearly her daddy did not see the card at all before he signed the front of the envelope.  LOL!

*My brain can hardly contain the fact that my oldest child is going to cross the stage as a graduate in 20 days.  Good gravy, it's all gone by way too fast.  I know it's just high school graduation, but this is big!  Milestones make us mamas pretty emotional.

These are her graduation announcements, with ever so delicately blacked out personal info!  Internet safety friends!



*One of my dear friends lost her mom yesterday to cancer.  Her dad died just under 3 months ago.  My heart breaks for her.  Love you, Terry!

*My son says "It's not my fault" way too often.  I told him today that I might stab him with my fork if he repeated it one more time.  Don't worry.  He knows I'm kidding.  Sort of.

*Speaking of Samuel, he will be a freshman in high school this year.  When he began signing up for classes a couple of weeks ago, he came home disappointed that he'd have to skip being in athletics and playing football.  When I asked why (this was something he had really looked forward to!) he said that because he wasn't in football this year, he couldn't be in it next year...or the three years after that!  You see, in 7th grade, he was in athletics and played football.  When 8th grade class scheduling rolled around, he was told that you don't HAVE TO have a PE credit for 8th grade, so he still put it on his schedule, but as an alternate choice.  He really didn't understand that putting it down as an alternate meant that the school would strive to give him one of his other choices first.  He was thinking of "alternate" as being one of his elective class choices.  When we got his 8th grade class schedule this past Fall and athletics/football was not on it, we had no idea that would mean he COULD NOT play football in 9th-12th grades!  Lots of phone calls and emails later, we got the dilemma fixed.  The head coach for the high school sent us to speak with the head coach at the junior high who had a long talk with Sam about grades and rules and commitments and athletic safety, etc.  Once he was comfortable with it, he signed off for Sam to be in athletics in high school!  Glory hallelujah!  For a kid who is not a big fan of school in general, having something to look forward when he gets there sure helps!! This summer he will attend a Training Camp for six weeks at the beginning of the summer and then will begin 2-a-days in early August to prepare for football in the Fall.  It's going to be a super-full summer for Sam, but it will keep him busy and keep him active---and those are both good things!

*This morning we took this picture before we left for church.  I'm so grateful for these three, even in those crazy moments that make me understand why some species eat their young.  Three teenagers in one house isn't always easy, but I am blessed with three really good, healthy kids!

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