Friday, August 1, 2014

If I were honest...

Are there people in your life that you hang around with simply because of the way they make you feel? You know the ones. Every time you see them, they are warm & kind, they tell you how great you look (and they're totally sincere about it, leaving you to wonder about the visual health on those bad hair days). They smile & listen to you whine and gripe and fuss and they pray for you in the most beautiful, eloquent way. They always want to hear how your kids are doing & how your family is. When they hug you, you FEEL the hug all the way to your heart. They offer to babysit your children for free & when you pick them up, they've fed your children wholesome meals, led them in a short Bible study and taught them a Bible verse to the tune of their favorite songs. Oh, and they played games all day and took the kids to the pool without ever breaking a sweat or knocking a single hair out of place. Yeah, you know that person in your life. We all have one. Or two or three.

These are the same people that, if you really dig deep, you realize you don't know much about because you're always letting them fill you up with compliments or kind words or you 'let them' listen to you far more than you listen to them?

This coming week, find that person and spend some time listening.

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