Monday, December 29, 2014

Facebook vs. Blogging

I've fallen into a social-media-only thing.  Well it's almost solely social media that I get online for these days.  And it bugs me.  I like to write.  No, actually, I really love to write.  But somehow, over the last few years I've moved from blogging to social media-ing.  I really enjoy Facebook, but I find that I've made a mental shift somehow.

I used to mentally write blog posts throughout the day when I saw things or did things that might be blog-worthy.  Now, without giving much more thought to those moments of the day, I can pull out my phone, shoot a quick status update to Facebook, and then put it away & go on about my day.  So, all the stuff that used to spark really lengthy, thought-provoking blog posts is now being crammed into a short facebook post.  I think there are certainly things that I blogged about over the years that could have been summed up in a facebook post.  But on the flipside of that, there are tons of things I post to facebook that could make fabulous, longer blog posts.

So this coming year, that's a goal of mine.  I've got to learn to sit on those things I want to post for a short time & see if I don't come up with a blog post rather than zipping them out to facebook.

Can we call this resolution #1?

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Darcy said...

As you well know, I've fallen into the same trap!!!!!!