Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Spring Fever

I've come & looked at my blog every day for the past week & have visited all my links to the other blogs I stalk (read) and I've had a couple posts run through my head, but those were mostly all the day to day 'what we did' sort of posts. I try to save those for summertime when I count out the days of summer. The rest of the year, it just seems boring to make everyone else read our daily journal of events. After all, summertime is FUN around our house!

You know, FUN after all the nit-picking & whining & fighting is stopped.

So the truth is....I have Spring Fever. I'm reaching that point in the year when it's harder & harder to get out of bed. And when I do, I'm dragging. And then I take the kids to school in my pajamas (with a jacket to cover them!) half the time & come home to veg a little longer before I get moving & run out the door at the last minute, only to arrive at work "just in time".'s time for school to be out! Honestly, I love my job but I'm tired & ready for a break, and I'm sure all my students & their families are feeling it too.

So I suppose the Spring Fever thing is running over into my blog. I'm drawing a blank on something creative to write about. Anybody got any ideas? Requests? Top ten lists? Comment & let me know!

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Candice said...

I know, Liz. I tend to go through cycles like that when I just don't want to/can't find the time/can't think of anything to write about. Don't know if it correlates with spring, or just exhaustion! :)