Thursday, April 29, 2010


I've got a headache. It hit me at about 11:30 this morning when my class came in from the outdoors. Today was day 2 of "Chuckwagon Days" at my school. We have a local farm bring over a bunch of animals. The kids get to go out & pet them, ride the horses, feed goats, paint a horse (yes, they really do PAINT it) ....that sort of thing. It's great fun! Later, we go back outside & have a hot dog picnic before we play a lot of western-themed games. This morning, the wind was blowing like crazy. It made for a great day to be outside (temperature-wise) but I think between the animals, the hay, squinting a lot from the sun being in my eyes & the blowing pollen, my allergies & sinuses got fouled up & boom...headache. When we came inside after seeing the animals, I took a Tylenol. It was just a dull ache at that point. I really hoped to kill it before it became a full-fledged headache. I really didn't have much choice but to buck up & move on, so I did. But by the time I left work, my head was really achy. I stopped & got a Dr. Pepper on the way home & took another Tylenol. It didn't help much.


After picking up the kids from school, I layed down on the couch & rested for a while. The headache eased a little, but came back slowly when I got up & started moving around again. Especially once we went to the funeral home for a visitation of a friend who very unexpectedly died on Tuesday night. We didn't find out until today. What a great loss...such a beautiful man with a precious family. My heart, and my head, ached for his sweet widow.

When we got home, I took MORE Tylenol and did a sinus wash. Some of the pressure is gone, but the headache's still here. Sigh.

We've got a camping trip scheduled for this weekend. Have I told you how much I love camping? (Can you hear the dripping sarcasm?) I really don't MIND camping if we're talking about staying inside a shelter. With a roof. And a bathroom nearby. And an electrical outlet to plug in a fan. And maybe a single lightbulb hanging from the ceiling. You know...not really "roughing it". I enjoy the time w/ my family, but the whole outdoorsy experience is not really my 'thing'. I'm more of a hotel girl. I will gladly make the sacrifice for my kiddos and the Cub Scouts, but I'm not exactly looking forward to it.

Storms are forecast for tomorrow. And this weekend. That means we'll have to stay inside tomorrow at school if it's wet. And then I'll get to go camping in the rain. Yipee.

AND, I have a visitor scheduled to arrive any day now. You know....the visitor who stops by once a month.


Did I mention I have a headache?

I think I'm going to grab a book & go find a bubble bath. I'm going to soak til my toes are pruney.

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terri said...

awww...poor liz. I hope you are feeling better today. =)

And I totally remember painting the horses - we LOVED it!!!