Monday, May 17, 2010

Saying goodbye once again

I am anxious for the start of summer. We'll be taking a short vacation with my parents and then jumping head-first into days of sweet summer freedom. I can't wait! Snowcones & swimming pools, day camps & road trips, movie theme nights & VBS, games around the coffee table & mid-day naps 'just because'. Ahhh...the sweetest time of the year! (Ya know, if you stay inside & avoid the 100 degree temps & 95% humidity that Texas brings!)

But before I get giddy about summer, I'm walking the last few days of teaching my current batch of kids at school and as always, this time of year makes me a little sentimental. As the PreK kids have been practicing their graduation ceremonies at school, I've been hearing rounds of Pomp & Circumstance and all the Frog Street Press songs I can stand for weeks now. The Frog Street stuff I could do without (because I can only stand so many versions of Apple Annie & B-L-U-E spells Blue) but that dang Pomp & Circumstance gets me every time. I have to shut my door so that I don't hear the music & see them marching in every day. I get all misty-eyed and they're not even my class or my own children! But the special thing about THIS particular group of graduating PreK-ers is that they were my first group of kids when I started working at my school. Seeing them reach the point where it's time to wave goodbye & see them off to Kindergarten makes me a little sad. I'm thrilled that they've grown & matured & learned so much, but I get attached to my crew every year & seeing them off to a new stage of life is kind of sad.

My own group of kids this year consists of 14 sweet three year olds. Watching them grow & change this year has been a pleasure. Every year I feel like the year goes by a little quicker than the last, but this year has REALLY seemed to fly by! It seems like we just got started back in September & now, all the sudden, we're talking about last day of school parties. It's hard to believe that it's zipped by so quickly. If you follow me on Facebook, some of these pictures will be familiar. I had to share, though! Can you see why I love my job?

Grayson, Emily, Brayden, Tyler, Avery, Alexander, Catie, Starr, Addy, Audrey, Blythe, Max, Riley & Cullen....I'm gonna miss you guys!!!!

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Kate said...

We're going to miss you too! I glad we have the summer before we have to say goodbye. Cute pictures.