Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday Phone Dump....or not?

As I uploaded pictures to the computer tonight from my phone, I realized that I forgot to do the Friday Phone Dump post last Friday.

And no one noticed, I suppose. I didn't get any emails or comments asking where it was.

And then I realized that the pictures I was uploading would create my 21st weekly Friday Phone Dump post. When I began the FPD posts, I was hoping to have others play along & share their pictures every week. Maybe someone else is doing it regularly, but I have yet to ever have a comment on any of the FPD posts.

So I'm curious.........should I continue doing it? Comment & let me know what you think. Would you like to continue seeing pictures every Friday? Or should I give up the weekly photo sharing?

1 comment:

SandyL said...

I look at your pictures everytime you post them even though I don't comment.. I never would do the Friday dump cause I have a crappy phone and never take pictures plus my life is boring with just me