Sunday, January 1, 2012

Friday Phone Dump (one day late)

Sorry I missed my Friday Phone Dump post last night. Time to catch up for this past week. Join me on your blog by emptying your phone's pictures & show us your week. Link back here & comment so I can check out your pictures.

Last weekend was Christmas. This is how I spent much of Christmas day --- relaxing on the couch or on my bed, napping, hanging out with the family. Perfect!

Sarah got some colored duct tape to make duct tape crafts with & created this pink bow for me. Beautiful isn't it?

On Christmas night, we all went to see a movie (We Bought a Zoo---loved it!!!) and I played around with my hair. I had to take pictures of the back of it & text them to 2 girlfriends for advice on which way to wear it. What do you think? Which way is best? (I'll tell you after these 3 pics which way I wore it.)

#1 Twisted back, held with a ponytail holder:

#2 Braided back, held with a ponytail holder:

#3: 2 twists, sort of interconnected, bottom 1/2 flowing loose:

I ended up going with #3. I was sort of tired of messing with it & decided that I was going to the movie where I'd sit in the dark & no one would see I just quit & went to the theater. ha ha!

On the day after Christmas, Sarah took the money she had been saving for most of the past year and went to Walmart to buy her own Nintendo DS. She & Samuel have been sharing one for a few years now and she's wanted her own, so I told her she'd have to buy it. She was pretty proud of herself when she put down the cost of the DS in cash!

My favorite issue of People all year! I always enjoy reading this one & seeing how people accomplished their weight loss goals! So inspiring!

Today, Sarah was bored & asked if she could do a makeover. She does this every few months. It's funny to see how her skills progress (umm...well, sorta...). ha ha!

First, she put on moisturizer, then foundation/base. She followed this with powder.

Next, it was eyeshadow & mascara time.

And finally, some blush. "Pucker your lips, mama!"

The finished product.

When she was done, I removed my clown face & wow....that washcloth was COVERED in make up. It was super heavy, but doesn't appear quite as dark/heavy in these pics. Felt nice to get back to clean skin......the way I remained the rest of the day.

Hmmm....maybe I should've put some of that make up back on, after all! ha ha!!!

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