Friday, December 30, 2011

2012 New Year's Resolutions

It's not quite 2012 yet, but I have been thinking about New Year's Resolutions for a few days. Here are some of my plans for the coming year.

1. (I'm stealing this from my friend, Rachel!!!) Make 2 recipes & 1 craft per month that I've pinned on Pinterest. Feel free to follow my boards here. That is, unless you haven't fallen into the vortex that is yet. In which case, you may want to run far, far away. And fast. It's such an addictive website. (But at least it's a useful addiction---so many awesome crafts, projects, organization ideas, recipes and MORE!)

2. Continue serving at least 1 meat-free meal per week (think vegetarian). It's healthy and it's money-saving!

3. Continue in my journey to better health --- eat better, exercise more, drink more water, etc.

4. Read more! As of now, these are the books I have on hand that I plan to read or re-read or finish reading. (You may have to click the pictures to blow them up & see the book titles better.)

5. Continue reading my Bible through. (Yes, STILL working on getting totally through the Bible. I suppose it should rank higher on this list than all the other books!!)

6. Scripture memory --- I'm not going to set a particular goal like "1 verse per week", but I most definitely want to do more of this. I love it when the Spirit brings to mind a verse I've memorized in the PAST and I'm able to use it in my life NOW. Anyone have any particular Scripture memory goals/plans that you'd like to share?

7. Take more pictures. I snap lots of pictures with my cell phone & plan to get a new phone in January (when I'm up for an upgrade) so those pictures will be getting clearer & sharper. But I am referring to pictures with my regular camera. I need to get it out more & rely less on my cell phone to take pictures.

8. Take off my make up every night before bed.

9. Begin a year-long journal for Larry, listing reasons I am thankful for him each day. (Yes I know what you're thinking....and trust me, he never reads my blog so he won't see this. And even if he does, I can guarantee he will forget about this by next Christmas! ha ha!)

10. Give more. This year has been extraordinarily difficult financially. We are finally seeing the light at the end of that tunnel. It's not perfect & we won't ever be rich, but I am looking forward to having the ability to bless other people more often.

11. More hugs & kisses. We're a pretty touchy-feely-snuggly-huggy sort of family anyway, but more is better.

12. Send more snail mail. I love getting cards and letters in the mail. This year I'm going to send more of them! Join me! Everyone likes getting mail.

I'm sure I'll think of more goals later, but for now, these are my goals/resolutions for the new year. What are yours?


Candice said...

I just checked out 'Bringing Up Boys' from the library, too. I read it years ago when Noah was about two, but I think I could use a refresher. Boys and men are wired so differently than us and I need to remember to not expect them to be little girls! Happy New Year to you and your family, Liz!

Michelle ~ said...

Whew, I made the cut!! Hey girlie girl and Happy twenty12! LOVE your list on your journey ... enjoy it!! I have a version of the Bible on my phone called YOU Version and it really helps me read it! Also, I have another app called Photo365 and I do take a snapshot of the grandbaby daily!! LOVE to you ...
xoxoxo, michelle