Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday Phone Dump

Time to dump out your cell phone on your blog & show us all your pictures! Link back here & leave me a comment so I can come see all your pictures. Here's my week.

Awww...the love between them melts my heart.

Oh how I love my sweet "street children" (all the kids who live on my street). I posted on Facebook something silly earlier this week. I said "Here's a fun game. Whoever brings me a Dr. Pepper first wins!" And one of my sweet teen friends from our street showed up at my door with this & a big hug! Awwwwwwww!!!

While waiting in the high school driveway to pick up Savannah one day this week, we spotted a truck with a dog's head poked out the window. I guess Samuel thought it was funny or maybe he was trying to communicate with the dog?

Oh yes, I did drive the kids to school like this. Those are my Betty Boop PJ pants & my black dress shoes. I'm such a fashionista.

With this nice balmy Spring weather that we're having every day by 10:00am, you'd never know that our mornings start like this.

And for this week's self portrait.... sometimes you've just got to capture the good hair day in a picture. Even if you're wearing your pajamas.

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