Monday, December 19, 2011

Random Thoughts with Liz

It's been a while since I did one of these posts, but tonight it just seems to 'fit'. I've been in a bit of a blog-writing slump here recently. But as much of a dry spell as it's been, I've had a million things bouncing around my brain. I guess I just can't narrow it down so I haven't posted a whole lot. And so...a stream of consciousness post, a random bunch of things. Enjoy your tour of my crazy, loopy, maze-like brain.

*Random thought #1 -- Worship
This song totally rocked my socks off Sunday morning. Aside from the really COOL dulcimer action that our guest band member added, it was just really good. The lyrics, the music, the feeling it evoked. Thank you Todd & all the other band members for the time you put in every week to lead our church family into the presence of God.

*Random thought #2 -- architecture
See the cool cross in the windows of the video above? I love it. Here's the crazy thing. We attended this same church from late '97 to late '04 and I NEVER noticed that cross. The thing was, the chairs faced the left side of the (above) screen at that time & the stage was in a different place. I sat in that same auditorium & listened to 7 years worth of sermons and attended a hundred other events in that room (it was more of a multi-purpose room back then, so we often had other events in the same room during the week). I know I looked at those windows during that time, but I never noticed that the center crossbeams were in the shape of a cross until we came back to this church in the Spring of '09 and the stage/chairs had been moved. I LOVE that it's such a cool focal point to our services now!

*Random thought #3 - Website addiction
I am in love. With Pinterest. There are a thousand pictures on my pinboards already. I'll probably never create 75% of crafts I've pinned. I'll probably never cook 75% of the foods I've pinned. But I love that it inspires me & makes me want to at least attempt to peel back the edges of craftiness. I am probably one of the least crafty women in Texas (aside from the kind of crafts I do with the kids in preschool....THOSE I totally rock at!), but I'd like to be more crafty if I could just figure it out. Today we visited Hobby Lobby to kill some time and I actually purchased 4 8x10 canvases & some acrylic paint and brushes to give it a shot. I'm going to attempt to create a little artwork for our bedroom. We'll see how it turns out. In my head, it looks something like this (minus the goofy flower pictures---I'm doing something different).

In reality, it may turn out looking a little more like this.

*Random thought #4 - holidays
Today the girls and I rang the bell for the Salvation Army. We got off to a rocky start --- the kettle & bell & previous shift ringer were missing --- but we tracked it down & got things jinga-linging along pretty quickly and enjoyed our hour of work. (if you can call it work to stand totally still & ring a bell & smile a lot) Seriously, we had a lot of fun talking to the people as they came by and wishing people a Merry Christmas. I know there are plenty of folks who attempt to avoid eye contact with the bell ringers in front of many stores, but it was such a sweet time to chat with those who obviously just came by to have a conversation with someone.

*Random thought #5 - giving
I keep holding my breath & clenching my teeth this month. I'm not sure how to behave. This is the first month in nearly 3 years that we have made it to the 19th of the month without being overdrawn in our bank account. It's such a weird feeling. I've found that I'm LOOKING for ways to help other people. We've been on the other end of those blessings for nearly 3 years now. I want to give it back to other people. I want to give it back to HIM. I am having to restrain myself from writing checks to all the mission groups we love to hear about & have wanted to support for a long time. We don't have it to spare, though. Not yet. I am soooo excited about the future and soooo looking forward to the day when we can write a check to help fill needs in other places. (Please understand, I'm not saying this to toot my horn & point to myself. I am sharing my heart. I am giddy from the way God's blessed me and I want to bless someone else. Or a lot of someone elses. I want to share how good He is!) After all, it's all HIS to begin with!

*Random thought #6 - reading
I am quickly building a 2012 reading list. I am super excited about reading everything I've got waiting on me! I will be making a post about all those books later.

*Random thought #7 - camera accesories
I really wish I could find a memory card for my camera. The one I've been using for several years died on me a few days ago. The only other one I have only holds about 16-20 pics, so it's very much a TEMPORARY fix! The trouble is, my camera is older & while I LOVE it, the memory cards are a little hard to come by. I've got a bid placed for one on eBay right now. I hope I win!

*Random thought #8 - working out
Since Thanksgiving, I haven't been totally consistent about going to the gym. I "let go" a little after Thanksgiving and just haven't been able to get back on track. I do this every year at about this time and I kick myself at the beginning of January. It's so much EASIER to stay home & sleep late & just hang out with the kids when they're off school for the holidays, but I decided this morning to break that little habit! When the scale was up SEVEN pounds I knew it was time to get off my lazy rump and get back to the gym! I went for about 40 minutes this morning. I had to get home so we could get ready to head out on a day's worth of errands (& ringing the bell) but I did it! Tomorrow will be a little trickier, but I WILL GO TO THE GYM at some point! I must force myself to break the routine of using the holidays as an excuse to relax & let go completely.

*Random thought #9 - thankfulness
I'm so thankful. There are so many little things (and big things!) in my life that I take for granted. So much that so many others don't have. It overwhelms me to even consider the enormity of what I am blessed with. Good health, happy family, amazing friends, incredible church, running vehicles, electricity, running water, yummy food, clothing, appliances, jobs we enjoy, laughter, love........the list could go on & on & on. Thank you, Lord.

*Random thought #10 - I live in a time warp.
My oldest child will be 16 in the Fall. Where has the time gone? Am I living in some sort of crazy time warp where things speed up in relation to my kids? I found myself passing on sage wisdom to my cousin on Saturday about the fact that she's in a stage of life where she's got 4 small children and every minute of the day is HARD. But I told her 'the days are long but the years are short' and I realized that I've somehow reached that stage of my life where I can hand out those little nuggets of wisdom with honesty. They're not just nice-sounding pat answers to life's hard times. They are truth that I have LIVED and I am astounded that I am here now....another reminder of that weird parenting time warp. Seriously folks, if you have babies in your house, DON'T BLINK. Before you know it, it will be over. Savor every moment. Roll it around in your mouth like a good chocolate that you don't want to eat too quickly. Breathe in deeply. It goes by so fast. Don't wish for the next phase of your toddler's development. Don't make them go back to their bed in the middle of the night. Enjoy those snuggles and even the tantrums. It's all over far too quickly.

*Random thought #11 - Christmas
Christmas is almost here. Betcha didn't realize that. ha ha! Seriously, it amazes me that this day sneaks up on us with such speed every year. It is hard for me to believe that it's only a week away. In fact, it is a week from yesterday! Wow. The countdown begins.

This year, we gave our kids the option of receiving only 3 gifts (like what Jesus received at His birth) or the money we had budgeted to spend on each child. Only 1 of the kids requested the money. {But this mama is far too much of a sap to let her get by without ANYTHING to open on Christmas morning. Shhhh! She doesn't know that yet.} I am excited about what our Christmas morning will look like this year.

*Random thought #12 - Newspaper Job for me?
A few months ago, I began reading a column in our local small town newspaper. It was just a short little article by a local mom, usually things about her family or kids or observations on life & things happening in the world around her. (You know...mommy blogger sort of things!) I really enjoyed reading the column so I emailed to share my praise with the author of the articles. She wrote back, happy to find that she had a 'fan'. We planned to meet sometime for a Coke or a burger, but time slipped by quickly and we only talked a few times through email or on Facebook. She began following my blog (Hi Lisa!) and poking her head in with a comment once in a while. Last week, I emailed her to tell her that I enjoyed her article that day. She responded that she would be moving soon and would miss her column-writing for the paper. I was sad to hear that news. But then she surprised me by saying that maybe *I* should contact the newspaper editor about writing for them....essentially to replace her since they'd now have an opening. I was surprised about that, but decided to email the guy & just see what he thought. I wasn't sure if he would want to fill the spot or not, or if he already had plans for what he'd use in place of her column. I sent him a message & included my blog link so he could get a 'taste' for how I write. Within a couple of hours he wrote back & said he wanted to talk to me! We tried to get together on Thursday, but it didn't work out. Hopefully I will be able to talk to him this week. I have no idea what the pay is, how much time it would require of me, whether or not it's something I can do.....really, I have no details at all. But if it works out, how fun would that be?! Who'd have ever thought? Me--a newspaper columnist! What a blast!

I guess that's all the random thoughts for now. I'm getting sleepy & want to go take a bubble bath. I'll share some more random thoughts tomorrow.

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SandyL said...

HI Liz that newspaper article might just be the thing to give you some extra cash where you can do it from home :) That was too funny that you never noticed the cross in the window... Sometimes I think I have add when I am at church and could probably tell you how many lights are in the Wow your oldest is 16....wait until your baby is that age.. Its sad and exciting when they are older...cause you know there is so much to look forward to in Adulthood too.