Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Pinterest Project #2

I have to say this is my Pinterest project #2 because I didn't post about #1. (It was a recipe for some candy that I made for Christmas goodie trays that I shared with friends & family. You can see the recipe for that project HERE.) So anyway, this post is about project #2.

But I guess I can't really call it a 'project' if it required no real effort or action on my part, though, right? Perhaps it's Pinterest-inspired? Or just a Pinterest idea? Sigh...whatever! Look what we did tonight!

I saw THIS posted on Pinterest & loved the idea. (Go click on THIS over <---there.) It seemed pretty simple & straight forward. But today I looked for similar hooks at Target and there just weren't any. Sure, they had hooks of all shapes & sizes, but nothing that looked like it would work for this project. And I didn't have a board to screw them into. So I left Target empty handed.

And then I got home & found a little decorative knob/hook board thingie. My mom used to have it in her bathroom. When she redecorated, she asked me if I'd like to have it & I said yes. But it's been sitting around ever since waiting for a use. Today was the day!

My ironing board gets used almost every single day. So it's kind of a pain to set up & take down the ironing board over & over. (I'm also kind of lazy, so it's just easier to leave it up all the time.) But even though I'm lazy, it still bugs me that it's sitting out all the time. Like this.

So tonight when I found this little hook/knob board...

I knew it had to become my version of the project on the link above! When Larry got home, I pointed to this blank wall in my laundry room...

and said "Please put this on that wall."

And he did!

See? pretty!
Now if I can just find a PRETTY ironing board cover to hide this ugly thing!

That's my master bathroom through the door to the right. Freezer & laundry is to the left. Giant mounds of clean, but yet to be folded laundry, is directly behind & to the side of where I was standing to take this picture. Nice huh?

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