Thursday, December 1, 2011

What are you into?

I'm copying something Missy at It's Almost Naptime did today, called, "What I'm Into". I love these kind of mindless, fun, "survey" sort of blog memes. (Does anyone really know what a meme is? I had never heard that word before I entered the blogosphere!)

On my nightstand:
Books, books & more books! At the moment I have an awesome ESV Bible, a couple of Sudoku & Logic puzzle books, The Resolution for women, Captivating, If You Want to Walk on Water You've Got to Get Out of the Boat, some Burt's Bees, some vanilla scented beeswax, 3 things of, make that 4, a framed picture of Larry, a lamp & my gratefulness journal. (and there are 2 more books in my van that I take to the gym)

Hmm...looking at it like that, maybe it's time to clean off the ol' nightstand. ha ha!

Movies I've Seen:
Nothing recently. But I'm getting excited about our annual Christmas day family movie trip! We always see something together on Christmas. I have no idea what we'll see this year.

About the only thing I really like to watch for myself is HGTV real estate programs. I love House Hunters & Property Virgins best. In my next life, I'm gonna be a realtor. It seems like such a fun job.

In my ears:
Nothing right this moment. It's quiet in the house. I love this time of the day when I'm the only one awake.

But earlier tonight, I had some serious worship/revival service going on in the van while I listened to Matt Maher's CD. This song had me singing loud before I even got to the edge of town!

and this one sure made me squeal & dance (yeah...while driving. It's an artform.)

In my kitchen:

A table...which is almost always covered in stuff. Our kitchen is layed out weird & we aren't able to all sit around the table for meals, so it's really more of a workspace/desktop. I hate that. One day when I'm rich, I'm going to buy/build a house with either a big kitchen or a dining room so that we can eat meals together!
A fridge...full of a week's worth of groceries! I just went shopping tonight!
An oven, stovetop, sink, dishwasher, microwave & all the other usual stuff.

Looking forward to:

Christmas break! I know we just got off the Thanksgiving break, but it just makes me look forward to the next break! I know...I'm spoiled.

What about you, folks? What are you into?


Jenn Rowe Evans said...

Your nightstand sounds A LOT like mine. I clean it off, but it doesn't stay that way long. I started watching my Friends DVDs today. Just got all 10 seasons from Amazon. I have trouble watching long movies, so the short episodes are perfect for my attention span. They make me laugh out loud which is good medicine.

Shanda said...

Loved yours, so I copied it myself! :)