Friday, December 23, 2011

Friday Phone Dump

It's that time of the week again! Time to empty your phones onto your blog & let us all see your week in pictures. Link back here & leave me a comment so I can come check out your pictures. Here's my week!

Sarah fixed my hair today. Isn't it lovely? (grin)

Remember those 4 canvases I mentioned a few posts back that I was going to paint & hang in my bedroom? This was step one---just getting the 4 colors on them. The red one is not nearly as tomato-red as it appears here and the yellow isn't quite as mustard-yellow as it looks here. They had a 2nd coat added to them after this and I've done a little artwork on each one. I'm not done yet, but I will show you more later as I get them completed. I'm not 100% happy with them, though, so they may end up in the trash. We'll see.

Major accomplishment. Anyone who knows me well & has been in my house (& allowed to peer into my master closet/laundry/bathroom area) will know THIS area is NEVER completely clear like this. To be able to see the floor like this straight through to the back is a miracle of epic proportions. It means that I've folded ALL of the laundry! (It usually sits in baskets right here until I can get it folded!)

Looking forward to making this & letting the kids decorate it tomorrow! It's that time of year. Time to get our party on for Jesus!

A couple of days ago, we hit Sonic during happy hour. While we waited for our 1/2 price drinks, I opened the sunroof. Before I could blink, Samuel was climbing up & out of it!

After the girls' annual eye exam (dilated eyes & everything---pics below!) we stopped at a new frozen yogurt place in town to try it out. It was yummy (but a little expensive like every other froyo place!)

This is Savannah's yogurt. She's such a simple girl. Cheesecake flavored yogurt with some cheesecake bites on top.

This is Sarah's. She's still pretty easy to please but has a hard time narrowing down her choices of toppings. It took her 10 minutes to decide which flavor of yogurt to get. She ended up getting cookies & cream flavored yogurt with cheesecake bites & Reese's PB cup bits.

This is mine. I have no issues picking my yogurt flavor or toppings, obviously. Cheesecake flavored yogurt with cheesecake & brownie bites, white chocolate chips & a tiny drizzle of caramel.

And then THIS is Samuel's. You never would've guessed would you? ha ha!!! (It includes 3 flavors of yogurt, Reese's PB bits, M&Ms, Gummy bears, Gummy Worms, chocolate chips & chocolate syrup.) The boy is serious about his sugar!

Sarah after having her eyes dilated.

Savannah after having her eyes dilated.

Sarah is so cool. She took this pic herself & texted it to Larry while he was at work asking "How cool am I?"

Earlier this week, the girls & I rang bells for the Salvation Army. So much fun!

Once a year is all I can stand it. So good but SOOOO rick & soooo high in fat & calories.

While we waited at the car wash (Larry was vacuuming out the van), the kids explored the bars at the back of the property. And just so ya know, Samuel was about 6-8 feet behind Sarah. The angle of this pic makes it look like he's TEENY TINY. He is shorter than her, but not by as much as it appears here!

The beautiful drive on the way to Larry's side of the family Christmas get together.

Sorry self portrait again this week.

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