Friday, December 9, 2011

Friday Phone Dump

Friday Phone Dump, the time when bloggers everywhere (well, at least the one writing THIS blog!) empty their phones of the week's pictures & take their readers through the week in pictures. Join me! Link back here & then comment so I can go to your site & peek at your pictures. Here's my week!

Last Saturday, Savannah babysat my girlfriend's kids. While they were out playing in the yard, I got a few pictures. It was pretty sweet to see all those silly girls (my own 2 girls included) digging in the dirt, riding in the wheelbarrow and swinging on our swingset. Just about the time your children have outgrown something childlike (digging with spoons & plastic cups), they surprise you by spending half the afternoon doing just that! Perhaps no one ever really outgrows playing in the dirt?

While I watched them play, this little girl came up to visit with me. Really folks, who could possibly say no to this sweet face?

Speaking of girls with sweet faces, this one took a picture or two of herself again this week. ha ha!

On Saturday, while the girls all played on the ground, Samuel climbed the only tree in our yard that has branches low enough to scale them. When I came outside, this was the way I found him standing in the tree. I could hear him thinking "I am the king of the world!" I love my sweet boy!

On Sunday morning, I subbed in the Sunday School class of the Kindergarten kiddos who I co-taught last year when they were 4-5 year olds. Oh how I've missed that crazy bunch of kids! When I first arrived, there was only 1 little girl there yet. She ran over & gave me a big hug & told me how excited she was that I was teaching. (Way to go, sweet sure made this old lady feel welcomed!!!!) She told me she was my best friend and that she was going to teach with me that day. And then she pulled a quarter out of her purse to pay me for teaching! ha ha! Silly goose! When she said she was my best friend, I got out my phone to take our picture. I really didn't have any intention of doing anything with the picture other than texting it to her parents. Instead, she said "No!!! Put it on Facebook!" ha ha!! I complied with her wishes, and now I'm sharing it with you. I love this kiddo!

It sure has been weird to see these things on my hands this week. I haven't had to wear them much & even on the days I did, the need for them wore off quickly. But it is such a novelty to need gloves in Texas, I figured I better document it.

A friend of mine told me about how she'd discovered this Hazelnut creamer for her coffee this week. She was not a coffee drinker at all, but this creamer had made her want to try coffee just to get to use the creamer....and she described it as tasting like "Christmas in a cup". I don't like coffee, but I knew I'd like the hazelnut flavor since I love the scent and have enjoyed some hazelnut hot chocolate before. So I bought some. And ya know what? Making my own hazelnut hot chocolate at home tonight was heavenly! Thank you for the suggestion, Tara!!

THIS, however was not a suggestion of Tara's. It's my once a year indulgence. I love this stuff on a sandwich with peanut butter! YUM!

This next picture really deserves to be at the top of the page! It's one of my most prized posessions! Yes, I know the cover is falling off of my Bible, but there is a reason I'm sticking with this particular Bible for a little while longer.

Larry gave me this Bible as a gift in 2001. I decided then that it was high time for me to read the Bible straight through, cover to cover. I had heard a sermon by our then pastor that was very convicting and reminded me of the importance of finally making this journey through the Word from Genesis to Revelation. And so it began, reading through the Bible 1-2 chapters at a time. Unfortunately over the years, I have read other books, worked through numerous Bible studies with various friends & church groups and otherwise got distracted from my goal. I've never finished reading STRAIGHT THROUGH. Although I can tell you I've read the majority of my Bible in bits & pieces, here & there through different studies & sermons & seasons when I felt led to read one book or another...but I've never completed a read straight through from beginning to end without stopping or bouncing around. So I'm still plugging away at that goal.

See the maroon ribbon bookmark hanging out at the bottom? THAT is where I am right now. Today I finished Isaiah 48. I know it seems silly. "Just stick with it til you're done!" It's easier said than done. I am such a book hog & lover of other literature that I have a hard time focusing. Probably a little bit of my undiagnosed ADD, but I am DETERMINED. And I want to finish the whole Bible with THIS copy. I already have a new ESV Bible waiting for me to move all my favorite bookmarks over into. And I will! But this one is going to be the one I work through start to finish. And I've picked up speed lately, so I know I WILL finish it!

What? Don't you have a lion sitting in your bathroom windowsill, too?
...and don't you also stare at the back of Santa's head all day at work?

I got a haircut mid-week. It was a long time coming. I took this picture that morning as my "before" shot. No great change...just needed to re-cut my layers that had grown out months ago!

And here's the "after" shot taken the next day.

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Missy at Its Almost Naptime said...

Girl, it's easy to get stuck in Isaiah. He'll drive you to Zanax.

I have a a pretty new ESV too - but I never use it. I should, but I just love my familiar NIV!