Thursday, May 17, 2012

Anyone else having trouble??

A couple of days ago I tried to create a new post, but when I clicked on the "write new post" button, the page opened, but never loaded. So I just had a blank white screen. I thought maybe it was just a site glitch & it would be fixed the next day (sometimes websites seem to work like that...) but 48 hours later, I was still having the exact same problem.

I searched the blogger help page, but I couldn't find any posts about anything similar to the problem I was having that were newer than 2009, and never located a place where I could contact the folks who run blogger to ask.

I asked on Facebook, but no one knew. Their only suggestion was to try a different browser. I usually use Firefox, so I tried Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. It was the same thing every time. So frustrating.

Today I came back to try again & got the same results, but found a place in the settings that said "Return to old blogger interface". On a whim, I clicked it & boom----here I am!

I have no idea what happened or why the new version of Blogger quit working right for me, but hey, whatever! I'm here! Yay! At the moment I need to go get ready for work, but I will be back. I've got a doozy of a pest control problem to tell you guys about!

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