Thursday, May 31, 2012

Summer 2012: Week 1

In the past several years, I've attempted to do a 'days of summer' count type of thing here on the blog. But it always ends up getting frustrating if I miss a day here & there and lose count. So this year, I'm switching it up & will just count the weeks. My attempt to count the days was always in response to this song, the theme song to one of my kids' favorite shows. (And I must admit, I love it, too!)

One week ago today, the kids attended their last days of school. I had to return on Friday and again on Tuesday to finish up my inservice days, but I, too, am done now.

On Sunday evening (5/27), we delivered the girls to my parents' house. They spent the night & then embarked on a week long trip, headed west. They are having a ball! They've been to Colorado to see Royal Gorge and Focus on the Family (and other things, but I think those two were my girls' favorite stops!). Tonight they're somewhere in Kansas heading toward home.

Samuel, being an only child all week, has been really soaking up the Mama time! Although he's had to stay home alone a few times while I worked, he's done great with that & has shown some real responsibility and maturity. I'm proud of him! We've been feeding a friend's dog, turtle and aquarium full of fish all week and he's really enjoyed getting to do that, knowing that the majority of what we earn doing so will be his! (It's week while he's gone to camp, the girls & I are taking care of someone else's pet & they will get the bulk of that money!) Today after work, I took him to run some errands and we ended up at a local business that sells truck lift kits, some sporting goods items and just, well...all sorts of BOY stuff. I laughed walking through the store because I had no idea what most of their items were. He loved it, though, so we looked at everything and picked up an Army recruiter's brochure (he swears that's what he's doing after High School) before we left. In their parking lot they had an old Jeep, a tractor built in the 1800's, some boats that people had parked there to sell and an assortment of other "boy" things. He relished this time, with no girls in tow (but mom!), to climb into boats & tractors and look at deer blinds and hunting gear and grills that he will never buy to put on a some imaginary truck. Gotta love living in the mind of a 12 year old boy.

And on that note, I found this when I got home today. Sometimes, as the mom of a boy, it's better for me not to ask questions....but I laughed when I found this.

As I have done for the past several summers, today I re-joined the teachers at the preschool where I spent several years teaching. It was a great first day back! I had five kids (one was absent) who will all be 3 years old in the Fall or early in the Spring of 2013. They are a tad younger than the kids I used to teach when I worked there, but I loved it! I just love being there. The environment, the staff, the other teachers, the's just really sweet to feel "at home" in a workplace. I know (that I know that I know) God has moved me for this season of life to my other "regular" job (the one I hold for the school year) for a purpose. I am enjoying it and love what I do. But I sure do miss teaching preschool full time. One day, if God is willing, I will be back. Until then, I will relish the memories I am making at my regular job and enjoy these days here and there where I can get a "fix" of little ones.

Tomorrow we start the 2nd week of summer. How quickly the first week has flown by! I am anxious to see what all is in store for these hot, humid days of this Texas summer.

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