Thursday, June 7, 2012

Summer 2012: Week 2

Another week has gone by in our summer!

On Friday 6/1/12, the girls and Larry came home! Larry spent several days out of town for work and the girls came home from a trip with my parents. Such a treat to get them all HOME!

On Sunday 6/3/12, Sam left for Boy Scout camp. I won't say where he is or when he's due back home here on the blog, but I will say that I'm anxious to get him home because we have had ZERO communication with him this week. Hopefully he's not making his counselors crazy. We've seen a couple of pictures of the location and it looks beautiful!!

Every morning this week, Savannah has attended a training class for our youth group's upcoming "5 Day Club". It's like Vacation Bible School at a local park. The kids will run the show with a handful of adults there to supervise & help out. Savannah will be teaching the missionary story. Sam will also be helping to lead the club (he'll help with the music) but since he has had to miss this week's training, the other boys who are planning to lead music with him will have to get together & teach him all the songs & motions later. Sarah & I will also attend the club as helpers!

One day this week while Savannah was in her training class, Sarah & I had to kill some time. The class is 2 hours long & at the very far opposite end of town from where we live. I couldn't justify driving home & coming back later due to the time or gas it would take to do so. So in an effort to fill the time, we visited a local science museum. The museum is really geared more toward kids in the 3-10 year range. My kids have all been to summer day camps at this museum and we've visited it probably 15 times over the years, so we really do know the place inside out, but it was still fun! There were a few new exhibits that have been added so it wasn't a total bust. Here are a few pictures of the fun!

A cool machine where kids can test their skills at using hand controls to operate a machine similar to what surgeons use in laproscopic surgeries.

a new rocking climbing wall

In the pretend news studio, Sarah decided I could do the news & she'd run the cooking segment of the show. I was sitting in the "control booth" watching her through a glass wall here.

She approached the monitor I was watching & did this. ha ha! Gotta love 11 year olds!

She took this one of me behind the news desk.

Two mornings this week, Sarah & I took care of some sweeties in my preschool classroom. She's such a lifesaver to have there with me. Having a second set of hands (and a 2nd story reader, and a 2nd person to walk kids to the potty, and a 2nd person to help with clean up, and......) is so awesome! I snapped this picture today. (Yes, I covered the kids' faces on purpose!)

Summer is sweet at our house. How is yours going?

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