Friday, June 29, 2012

Blessed by a stranger

Tonight while driving home from the grocery store, I came to a quiet intersection of 2 roads. One road T's into the other with only a stop sign to control the traffic. Directly across the street from where I had to stop, there is a small church that was built in the past year or so.

It was 10:05. It was dark. There are 2 street lights that shine on the parking lot just enough to dimly light the sidewalk. When I came to a stop at the intersection, I realized that in the dim light, you could see a man sweeping the sidewalk. I sat and watched him for a minute, taking in the way he was taking his time, not rushing, making sure to cover every inch of the sidewalk/front area of the church.

As I watched, I wondered if this was the pastor, putting in late night hours to make sure his building is ready for weekend services. I pondered whether it was a church member who volunteers to do this each week. I considered that maybe it was just a random act of kindness done by a selfless servant.

Whatever the case, I was moved by this man's quiet, unassuming, hidden act. Sometimes it is these silent people who do things behind the scenes who are forgotten, but tonight as I watched him work, I was touched. Whoever you are sir, thank you. Thank you for serving and thank you for blessing me.

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