Thursday, June 28, 2012

Summer 2012: Week 5

Have mercy! Five weeks of summer, gone already!

This week has not been super eventful & that's just fine by me.

*Samuel left for camp on Sunday morning. We've been "watching" him all week long with pictures & nightly email updates from our youth leaders. (Goodness we live in an incredible age of technology, don't we?) It's been fun to see all the cool things he is getting to do and to hear about the messages the speakers are giving & things that the kids have been asked to do to teach them more about Christ. Exciting stuff! They will return home Saturday evening. This is one of the pictures our pastor posted on his facebook page. It was taken a couple of days ago while Sam had his morning quiet time/devotional time. So sweet! (and his fashion choices tickle me!)

*On Tuesday, I got my new batch of little friends at the preschool. I only gained 2 new students, but they are quickly acclimating to the group of kids who were already there and have adjusted pretty well to the routine & schedule.

*I cleaned Samuel's bedroom, top to bottom. (See previous post)

*I embraced my inner nightowl & have found myself reading emails or playing online or reading a book until (as late as) 2 am a few nights. I'm enjoying it while I can since I'm so very clear on the fact that summer is passing QUICKLY and in a handful of weeks we will be embarking on summer band practices & shortly after, back to school!

*The girls & I went to Larry's office on Monday and had a picnic in his office floor with him.

On the way home, we stopped at a local famous (to us) landmark, but it was honestly just TOO hot & the white pavement around the scenic site was so bright (from the glaring sunshine) that we didn't stay very long. Inside the very nice, very clean, and comfortably air conditioned bathroom, we took this picture.

I love these silly girls. I posted on facebook later that day that our drive to & from Larry's office was humorous. If Samuel had been there with us, I'm sure that not nearly as many show tunes would've been sung so loudly. It was hoot because the girls were belting out songs from The Sound of Music and quite a few Disney musicals. They particularly enjoyed my silly (male-sounding) opera voice. ha ha! So fun!

*Our kitchen faucet has been leaking recently. Every time you turn it on, it's dribbled out around the base of the faucet. On Sunday, I was getting something out from the cabinet under the sink and found that everything down there was wet! It was then we realized that it was leaking underneath the faucet, too! Fortunately my dad (Jack of all trades) was able to come fix it! Thank you Daddy!!

*This marks the 5th week of me enjoying an occasional day time nap! I doze off nearly every day for at least 30 minutes (usually while watching a TV show with the kids!) Oh how I love summertime!

*Goal for this coming week: eat the first snowcone of the summer!

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