Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Before & After pictures

Back in October of 2011, we found out that Samuel has ADD. We had suspected it for a while, and his bedroom was just another reason why we considered it. He gets so overwhelmed so fast & loses his focus. And honestly, I get so stressed out & overwhelmed when I go in there that most of the time I just shut the door & walk away. It's just too frustrating to deal with under normal circumstances. We really feel like the kids' rooms should be THEIR responsibility to clean, but this week I made an exception to that rule. Sam's room was so bad that I felt like it was more important to break that "rule" & help him out one time to get it TOTALLY cleaned. Kind of gives him a fresh start---a clean slate so to speak. He's gone to camp, so I could do it without his assistance or reluctance. And boy oh boy! It took me 2 days & 2 big bags of trash to get it done, but check out the difference!!

When you open the bedroom door & look in, this is the first thing you see. Before:

and after:

Over in the corner (far right of the 1st pic above), Samuel has this little corner between his bed & dresser that is sort of like his own personal little "man cave". But his cave had gotten messy! Here it is before:
And here it is after:

Turning a little further to the right (see the little corner man cave behind his dresser?), this was the view before:
and after:
A little further to the right is his bookshelf. Before:

and after:
Under his bed before:

And after (I didn't get the vacuum under there to get the crumbs & little pieces of trash at the back...oops):

Looking into his TV/game cart area before:

And after:

It may not be perfect, but it's wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy better than it was. I hope my silly boy can see the major difference and will be able to keep it clean for a while!

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