Friday, August 10, 2012

Summer 2012: Week 11

This week has been full of uncertainties for me, mostly surrounding the unknown of my future. In fact, my immediate future.

We determined last month that it's vital for me to find another job where I can get a bigger paycheck because, unfortunately, we can't pay our bills at this point in time. It's not just something that would be's really crucial that I find something. Soon.

Last month I approached my boss about the possibility of turning my part time job into a full time one. It was a long shot, but I had to at least ask. As expected, she stated that it wouldn't be possible for me to go full-time. I applied for a different position within the school system that would be full time and interviewed for it, but didn't get the job. And so, over the course of the past week, I've been running full steam ahead, looking for a job, putting word out to friends, networking as much as possible, searching the ads on our local newspaper website & Craigslist daily.

Today was a very full day, but one I feel pleased about. In the last 24 hours or so, I've applied for or had contact with a lot of places for jobs. They include:

1. Day care #1 --- applied for a morning teacher job at a privately owned/operated center.
2. Day care #2 --- applied for a morning teacher job at a church day care. (To be honest, if I had to choose, I'd like this one better because I would be allowed to infuse my faith in Christ into all my lesson plans, but hey...beggars can't be choosers!)
{Note: I have no idea if either day care center will be able to afford to pay me what I need to make....we'll see! I would love to be back in a preschool classroom!}
3. Day care #3 --- it was determined that the hours they are offering for teaching positions is not enough hours for me to make the $$ I need, so I am not pursuing this one.
4. A nanny job --- I have talked to the mother of this family by email, but have not heard back from her yet.
5. A test proctoring job at the local junior college --- I have emailed with the director of the department & will talk to her about the schedule, times, etc on Monday. This job will not likely be one that would be enough $$ to be considered a full time position, but it would be great for a little money on the side.
6. A school photographer job with a company that travels to area schools to take student pictures. The pay is good & they pay for mileage. I've emailed and called the contact person for this. Still have lots of questions about how things work, but it would be a FUN job if it works out.
7. A receptionist job at a local doctor's office.
8. Another job on Craigslist that I can't remember at the moment. ha ha!
9. Another full-time position within the school district --- I have only emailed with the department head. No idea if it will turn into anything or how many million people have applied for the job.
10. Online application completed for 2 area school districts

Honestly, if none of these things works out, I will take that as a VERY STRONG sign from God that I need to stay exactly where I am and wait on Him. Something is BOUND to turn up or work out with all these jobs...but if it doesn't, I know He will provide!

In other non-job hunt related news, Savannah started back to summer band practices this week. She's thrilled. (major sarcasm) And I picked up Sarah's clarinet for beginner band from the music store today. Thank goodness for sweet grandparents who are able to help with big investments like this!!

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