Thursday, August 16, 2012

Summer 2012: Week 12

You know, I was a little sad that today marked the end of my summer....until yesterday. Now I'm anxiously looking forward to a new season of life.

But I have to be honest.

Today was my last day to teach preschool for the summer. And then it hit me as I got ready to leave. Today was really my last day to teach preschool, period. Unless God changes the course of my life (and you never know, right?) today was my last day to teach little ones. Starting a new job that will not allow me to teach in the summers means I am officially done. (since I had already given up teaching during the school year)

I walked around the building, peeking into my old classrooms...the one I spent so many years in, the ones I've worked in during the summers. I took pictures of a few things that I will fondly remember. I hugged a few people. I waved good bye. And that was it. I wasn't nearly as emotional as you'd think I would be. When I quit teaching full time a few years ago, it was much harder. But today there was a bittersweetness none the less.

I won't ever be signing in here again.

I won't ever be gathering up supplies for the day in here again.

I won't be taking kids out to this playground any more.

And somehow, for the first time ever, I can say that's okay.

Life moves on. Seasons change.
I'm embarking on a whole new adventure in a couple of weeks.
The kids are starting new school years soon.
So much can change in a short time.

No doubt I will miss my preschool babies. Sometimes it's easier to work with 2-5 year olds than it is to work with adults so I'm sure there will be days when I long to go back. But for everything there is a season.

A time to laugh, a time to cry, a time to mourn, a time to rejoice, a time to dance....a time to teach preschoolers, a time to work in a law office.....a season for everything under heaven. (that comes from the New Liz version of the Bible -- wink!)

{Note: Showing my age here! Anybody else have trouble hearing that passage without thinking of a particular 80s movie where the main character quotes this to a pastor & slaps the Bible on the desk stating "....and there is a time to DANCE!"}

I hesitate to shout from the rooftops that we have finally conquered our money problems and that life will be great from here on out. I've made that mistake too many times before and God has quickly reminded me that He is still in charge---good or bad! (Plus, the idea that life will be great from now on solely based on a new job & more money is ridiculous.) I realized recently that sometimes God gives us a little taste of what eternity will be like, completion, not wanting anything, complete rest in Him. If that's what this season of life is---just a taste of Heaven, I will trust in Him to take care of us into the next season, and the next, and the next.

My kids and I have 1 more week of summer. I'll report in 1 last time next weekend. Hard to believe Summer is nearly over, but wow....bring on the Fall! But in the meantime, I've gotta get me one of these before I can't use the intense heat as an excuse for it!

[And for any of you who have been wondering, 13 weeks of summer=91 days. Once again, I've proved Phineas & Ferb wrong....or they live in a magical place where their summers are about 20 days longer than ours.]

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