Sunday, May 12, 2013

Year of Dates: May

Today, Larry and I went on our May date for our Year of Dates.  This month it was a "Health Date".  (We switched this from a Saturday to a Sunday date, so the envelope has that part wrong.)

We have a great local walking and biking trail that winds its way through several miles of the prettiest part of town, through the woods and over several small streams.  We walked about 2 miles of this trail first.

After our walk, we were planning to go to Subway, but ended up detouring to a closer sandwich shop where we got pretty much the same thing we would've ordered at Subway.  So it was still (relatively) healthy.

When we left there, we took the long way home just because we could!  Quiet time to drive and talk is near the top of my 'favorite things to do with my sweetie' list!

And yes, I ate some carbs on our date.  And they were yummy!  I'll be back on the low-carb wagon tomorrow morning.  Mother's Day and a date give me permission to eat carbs!!

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