Monday, May 6, 2013

It's got to match!

So I'm a tad OCD.  But I prefer to think of my idiosyncrasies as fun little quirks.  So let's just call this whole post documentation of fun quirks, okay?  I like for my shampoo & conditioner to match.  You know, same brand and type of product.  I don't like to mix it up and use, for example, V05 coconut scented moisturizing shampoo with an Herbal Essences None of Your Frizzness conditioner.  I know it's stupid, but that's just how I am, so hush.  If I empty the conditioner before I'm done with the shampoo, I either have to go buy another bottle of conditioner to use until I finish out the shampoo or I abandon the bottle altogether.  (Don't worry, I give it to my husband or kids to use---I don't throw it away!  That's wasteful!)  So, knowing that about me, imagine my horror when I got into the shower this morning, already feeling a little rushed, and found this.

Apparently when I picked up one of these in the store, saw that it was conditioner and glanced at the shelf, I grabbed the matching bottle of 'shampoo'.  Only it was not shampoo.  It was another conditioner.  Do you see how the color of the 2 bottles is a little different?  I'm sure I didn't read the second bottle in the store...I just assumed it was shampoo since the color was a little different. 

I stood there with water running down my body, trying to decide what to do.  I couldn't double-condition.  I needed to wash my hair!  I decided that I had to do the only thing I could---just use the old half-empty bottle of shampoo I already had.  I figured I'd take one of these bottles of conditioner back to the store later and trade it for shampoo.

So I grabbed this bottle of shampoo, perched on the little ledge where my husband and son's bottles belong.  You know, next to the hairy bar of soap.  Boys are so gross.

I washed my hair, then replaced the shampoo and grabbed for a bottle of conditioner.  This one was turned upside down because the contents were so minimal, so I figured I'd just finish it off. 

But after it started bubbling, I realized that (dang!!) I'd used a 2nd bottle of shampoo--not conditioner!  Good grief.  I didn't double condition, but now I had double shampooed. With two different types and scents!  Eeeek!

I realized then that my husband and son don't condition their hair, so there were no partially empty bottles of conditioner to use.  So I resorted to the 2 purple bottles of lavendar-scented stuff that I started with.

When I got to work, someone told me that I smelled so good!  I just laughed because I couldn't tell them which shampoo or conditioner did the trick.  After all, I should smell like a honey-coconut-lavendar-peach/apricot smoothie about now.  (My bodywash is peach/apricot scented.)

If you get a whiff of a fruity mixture today in my neighborhood, it's probably me!

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Kristi said...

Haha! I am the same way, no cross contamination!!