Saturday, April 27, 2013

Year of Dates: April 2013

This month's date was a spa treatments date.  When I planned our year of dates, I had a different job and a bigger budget, so what I had planned didn't quite work out like I'd first planned.  But we made the best of it & had fun anyway!

We gave each other facials this morning.  Here's Larry.  (Grin...when he won't let me take a picture, I use google images & create the moment for everyone.)

And here's me!  Lovely huh?  You can hardly see it, but my sweetie made a Nike swoosh symbol on my left cheek.  ha ha!  This was after I told him that I'd draw a picture on his face---maybe a heart or a flower.

We used this yummy lavendar-scented mask.  And you can see by the label on the tube, it was created to be used in April.  Surely this was a sign from God that it would make for a romantic spa treatment date.

After we put it on each other's face, we hung out in our bathroom & chatted for the 15 minutes it had to stay on.  When the time was up, we used warmed washcloths to wash it off, then went on with our days.

It wasn't a huge "event" this month, but it was fun.  And I suspect my spa-shy husband would actually be willing to do it again!

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