Friday, August 23, 2013

New Job: Week 1

This week, I've been going to inservice at my new job.  It's been challenging, but not because the job duties were hard, just because it's such a huge change from where I've been.  You know how it is.  Any time you change jobs, schools, churches, move to a new town (etc, etc, etc) you can't help but compare everything at the new place to what you knew & loved in the old place.  Not that anything is WRONG with the new place, it's just new & different and takes some adjustment time. 

On day one, I noticed a weird phenomenon about all the toilets in the building.  This is what they look like BEFORE you go potty.  This one I flushed (thinking someone forgot to flush) and it filled back up this way.  It's so weird.  I guess the city's water supply is just umm....yellow.

After a trying couple of days, I found THIS!  Oh sweet Jesus.  These are my people.  This is a shelf of books for teachers to read/swap/trade.  Free!  It's like they knew I was coming!

Throughout the week, the other teachers' aides and I worked on some creative, cute, fun bulletin boards.  For one of them, we posed all the teachers & staff in front of a polka dot background, had them select fun props & took pictures.  The bulletin board says "Welcome Back" and is covered in these fun pictures.  I know the kids will enjoy getting to see their teachers, principal, counselor and office staff in pictures like this.

While the environment is very, very different from what I am used to, I am looking forward to Monday.  I'm ready to get started with kids on the campus!  Here's to a new school year!

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