Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Playing catch up!

(Sorry...I know.  It's cheesy.  But it makes me grin & this is my blog.)
For the handful of readers who are faithful here, I'm sorry that I've been neglecting the blog lately.  Like every year, the Fall is super crazy busy at our house.  I just forget about updating the blog when I get really busy.  It's when there is down time, when life slows down, that I remember to write.  I'm off work today so I wanted to take a few minutes to update you on us.

Savannah was accepted to a college we visited this summer.  She is really excited about what her school year will look like next year.  And so are we!  You know, except for all the financial aide paperwork & scholarship applications we will be filling out between now and then!  ha ha!  One way or the other, we'll make it work!  Aside from the promise of college next year, she is doing well.  She is working at Chick Fil A, working hard as the editor of the school newspaper, taking 2 AP classes this year, serving in the nursery and with a special needs elementary kiddo at the church and babysitting on the side.  She stays busy.

Samuel is in 8th grade this year. He is doing well in school (mostly).  He is in the debate team and regularly 'practices' his ahem...debating skills...at home.  He's really good at it.  (snicker, snicker)  He chose to take theater this year instead of being in athletics (football, basketball & track).  While I know he is really good at actually performing in theater, the class he ended up in is basically a Theater 101 type of class where they don't actually do plays.  They just learn about how the theater works, the technical side of things, etc.  He is bored stiff.  Fortunately this is just a 1 semester class, so he'll move onto something else in January.  He can't wait.  Even though he is not in athletics, he said that the coaches have told him that he can try out for track.  I'm not sure yet how all that will work, but he is planning to do that when the time comes.  Last year, he tried out for the school mascot & those try outs interfered with track season try outs, so he is really excited about doing track this time around.  Sam is helping out at church this year, too, and I am really proud of him.  On Sunday mornings, he often helps with the tech stuff in the children's church room or he assists the lady who works in the kitchen serving coffee & tea to everyone.  On Wednesday nights, he runs the sound board for the youth group.  It is great to see him have his own niche.

Sarah is in 7th grade and growing up way too fast.  I see her developing into a more mature (and sassy) teenager all the time.  (Even though she won't actually be a teenager til February!)  It's funny how kids at this age can be so grown up, but so immature at the same time.  So needy, yet so adept at taking care of themselves.  That's sort of where Sarah is right now.  While it's trying, I love this age.  It's fun to see the kids work through this time of their lives and become stronger, wiser, more grown up.  This year is Sarah's 2nd year in the band.  She plays clarinet & really enjoys it.  She loves to watch the high school band & discuss how it will be when she gets there.  She is otherwise doing well in school and is looking forward to the Spring semester when she can try out and participate in UIL events again!

Larry is doing well.  I can't really say too much about his job online, but rest assured he enjoys his position in law enforcement investigations.  I am tickled to say that, as 2013 draws to a close, he's requested that I give him the same gift for Christmas that I gave him last year!  If you don't recall, last year I gave him a year of pre-planned dates.  We have had a lot of fun this year going on our monthly dates.  Some have cost us as little as $5 & others were a little more elaborate.  But they were all figured out ahead of time so that when the 1st of each month rolled around, all we had to do was pull out the envelope for that month & put it on the calendar.  I really enjoy being creative & coming up with fun gifts like this for him so it is a win-win for both of us!

I am doing great as well.  Since August, I have been working for a local junior high as a special education inclusion aide.  I move from 6th grade math to 6th grade english to 7th grade math to 8th grade history throughout the day, assisting different children with their work.  Some days I feel especially useful.  Other days I delight in seeing them doing well even without help!  It's a great job and the people I work with are precious!  I am content and happy to be there.  One day, at some point down the line I would still love to be able to work back in the town where we live--and one day the perfect job will come open, but for now I am happy and comfortable where I am.

It was one year ago this month that I was given the news I would be losing my job at the law office.  I think November 19 will always represent that day for me.  It was the most terrifying, scary day.  I have the greatest sympathy for people who are laid off now.  I will be spending extra time on my knees this holiday season for those facing the same fate.

This morning I had a doctor's appointment (just an annual check up).  I had planned to go on to work afterward if I could get done by lunchtime.  You never know with this doctor's office if you'll be in & out in under an hour or if you'll sit for 2-3 hours waiting.  I was done with the appointment by 9:45 this morning, but my tummy was a little upset this morning, so I opted to take the rest of the day off.  Savannah had a stomach bug yesterday, so I figured it was a good idea to stay home & not risk it.  It's 12:15.  Time for me to go watch a couple episodes of Big Bang Theory!  Have a great day!

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