Sunday, November 17, 2013

Year of Dates: November 2013

Tonight Larry & I had our November date for the Year of Dates we've been doing.

I got a bag of chips earlier this week & 2 small jars of queso (so we could have a choice of varieties).  In the Fall of last year when I was creating our year of dates, I bought this couple's question book set on Amazon.  It was used, but all we had to do was use a different color ink to answer the questions for us.

Each book is like a notepad which pages of questions.  The books are made to be used like a game.  You're supposed to answer the questions about each other to determine which of you knows the other best.  Rather than playing it like a game, we just answered the questions & discussed our choices.  The questions were fun ones.  Questions about the personality of your spouse, their movie/TV choices, foods/drinks they like, hobbies and all sorts of things.  They were all PG rated fun questions.

This afternoon, I packed a bag with our queso, chips & books of questions and we headed to the lake for a while to spend some quiet time together.

The weather was so pretty and it was very peaceful.

Of course when the mosquitoes started attacking us, we decided it was time to pack things up & get out of there.  Yes, mosquitoes.  In the last half of November.  ha ha!  Remember, we live in Texas.  After one last quick picture, our usual date self portrait picture, it was time to go home.

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