Saturday, February 8, 2014

A Year of Dates: February 2014

This month's date was to visit the gun range and then go out for ice cream sundaes afterward.  Remember, my honey is in law enforcement.  While we were dating, he was in school to become a cop, so I sort of went through the police training with him.  I remember lots of nights when he hung out at my house and taught me different self defense maneuvers, restraint holds, tactical "tricks" of the trade and of course, we spent a lot of time target shooting.  So for us, this is a fun date!

Today we went to a local indoor gun range to shoot.  When we arrived (at 10:40 AM) we found a sign on the door stating that they would be closed for a private group to use the range from 8-12.  We were bummed!  Fortunately, they are located next door to a little cafe, so instead of having "Shooting & Sundaes" we opted to have brunch and then return to the gun range.

After eating, we returned to the gun range and we were able to watch the private group do their practice drills.  It was fun to watch the group -- both young and old men -- go through shooting drills at different targets, from behind obstacles, running from one target to the next.  They finally finished up shortly after 12:00 and we were able to get to our reserved lane.

Friends, I grew up shooting guns outdoors and since meeting Larry in '92, I have done plenty of target shooting --- usually old milk jugs, aluminum cans and the like.  Today was my first day at an indoor range.  And let me tell ya, it is clear that it's been a while since I shot.  ha ha!  I used to be a better shot than Larry, but today I was not so great.  {As a side note, if the target was a burglar, I would've still killed him/her, but I wasn't as great a shot as I used to be!}

I didn't get pictures of our brunch, but here are a few from our time at the gun range.  First, Larry shooting...

Then me!

After shooting, it was time to clean the guns.  Fortunately, my sweetie is proficient and quick at this job!

Does it help make this look any less sad to know this was the target we BOTH shot at?  With 2 separate guns?  ha!
And of course, the date picture we always get together!

{Note:  Sorry!  No pic of the envelope and card inside this month!}

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