Sunday, January 26, 2014

Year of Dates: January 2014

Tonight was our first date night of 2014.  The month is almost over, but tonight was the first time we had a chance to work it in.  We actually planned to do this earlier in the month, but then we had car repairs to be made on the day we had planned the date, so we had to put it off.  You know...old married people reasons to skip a date night.  ha ha!  Seriously though, that's how life is.  If we don't make an intentional effort to have a date once a month, it will never happen.  We have good intentions and talk about it, but unless it's on the calendar, we will forget about all our good intentions.

Today we decided that after we both got home from our evening of commitments, we'd have our date.  That mean we were in the kitchen at 9:30 cooking grilled cheese sandwiches and busting out the legal pad, but we did it!  To me, focusing on making it happen is just as important and special as the date itself.  Seeing my husband take the time to stop everything else and spend devoted time with me is what it's all about, y'all.

So this month's date was Grilled Cheese & Goals.  I should tell you that my husband makes a mean grilled cheese sandwich.  We call them "Larry's Famous Grilled Cheese" around our house.  I don't ask him to cook often but when I do, it's either grilling something or making grilled cheese sandwiches.  Yum!

Tonight we sat down over plates of ooey-gooey warm cheese sandwiches and made some plans for the coming year.  We talked about spiritual, physical, financial, relationship and home goals.  We got some things on paper that we'd like to see happen this year.

It was brief, but the time spent was sweet.

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