Tuesday, December 27, 2016

The Sosh Meeds

I've been sucked into the abyss that is social media.

I seem to live and breathe Facebook and Instagram. Every funny, serious, interesting, thought-provoking, deep, light & humorous thing that comes my direction in life appears in some form or fashion in the "sosh meeds."  {which is my silly, cheesy, faux-teenager word for social media when I'm talking to my teen daughter}

I have neglected this blog.
I have neglected time spent face to face with other actual human people.
and worst... I have neglected prayer time. And Bible reading.

I'm a mess, folks.

I know, I know.  Most of us are. And most of us are re-evaluating things in life this week.  It's almost time for a brand new year so everything is suspect and we all feel inclined to wipe out anything that might remotely take away from the beauty of the life we've been given.  Maybe that's what this is.

Sure.  I could throw out my smart phone and disable all my social media accounts.  Perhaps I could move my family into a cabin in the wilderness.  That would do the job.  But I have found that there are GREAT opportunities to connect, to minister, to love, to find (and give) compassion, to laugh, to share, to grieve alongside long-distance friends...all via social media.  So it's not all bad.  But I think, like most of us, I have to find a way to rein that in.  I'm not sure how I'll pull it off, but I'm open to suggestions.

How do you handle it?


Tina Roper said...

I found myself on it way too much. After being with people I cared about in person and they couldn't put down their phones to spend time with me I realized my mother in law was correct this was wrong. So I now check my media in the morningafternoon and night and limit my time. I love seeing others post and posting pictures of my family but I want to give my God, family and the cars of my home top priority. It was hard at first but I actually love I unplugged! Love you Liz!

Jenny said...

I think unplugging from a phone so it requires sitting at a computer (and more deliberate) is the answer, but sometimes waiting rooms is my best reading time so I haven't done it!