Monday, March 29, 2010

Samuel's 10th Birthday

My sweet boy is turning 10 today. That's double digits. That's a decade. A decade since his birth (click the word 'birth' for the story of that day, written a couple years ago). It seems like just yesterday, he looked like THIS!

Of course, it seems like he should still be THIS small, too! it any wonder people used to ask if they were twins!!??

He doesn't follow Larry around with a toy lawn mower fact, he's just about tall enough to run the big one, now.

How quickly the time goes by. I'm trying not to sleep or blink too much. I know that, all too quickly, he'll be heading off to college & my sweet little boy will be gone. For now, I'm trying to remember to always enjoy the dirty hands & the stinky breath, the torn up tennis shoes & holey-kneed jeans. I'm excited that I have someone else in the house to buy chocolate pudding cups for and a reason to know what a Webelo is! It's amazing to see this little 'stinker' annoy his sisters to death & do his best to make their lives miserable, only to turn around & give them gifts on their birthday & Christmas that come straight from his heart. I love that he still comes to cuddle with me as often as he can & relishes every moment that he can sing a silly song to his mama.

For a million reasons, I love you sweet Samuel! I hope your upcoming year is as sweet as the last one! Happy 10th birthday, my beautiful boy!


carrie said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet, sweet little man!

That birth pic kills beautiful.

Darcy said...

Happy Birthday! It's funny to think we were pregnant at the same time! My Hannah will be 10 on April 15th!