Saturday, April 2, 2011

Random Thoughts with Liz

Random thoughts with Liz....the time when you get to hear all the random & assorted things that are running through my head. So here we go..............

*Today, I only had one kiddo at home. I decided to take Sarah to do something fun, so we went to see a cute new kid's movie. Here's the trailer for it. It turned out to be a pretty cute movie.

Disclaimer: Our family doesn't celebrate Easter in the typical way---our kids have never believed in the Easter bunny & until just a couple of years ago, they'd never taken part in an egg hunt. So while part of me wants to shriek & run from the theaters when another movie comes out to point people in the wrong direction for Easter (not toward the true meaning), at the same time, my kids are now old enough to understand the real reason & can balance the worldly vs. the spiritual stuff really well. I realize that plenty of people don't share my views regarding the Easter holiday, I know that there are several who read my blog that DO!

*This morning I go to watch one friend (who is a photographer) take pictures of another friend's baby. I loved it. One of my favorite moments of the morning was a random cell phone camera shot I snapped between "real" pictures. Mom had sat down to feed baby a bottle to ward off the fussies and this sweet moment occurred. I think the 2 photo pros ended up snapping some pictures of this, too. I can't wait to see the finished products of this & all the other pictures they got. Truly beautiful people--on both sides of the camera!

*Today, Savannah ended her first year of UIL (University Interscholastic League) competitions. In Texas, UIL governs all athletic & academic competition in public schools. This year was Savannah's first year to be a part of the academic UIL team. Our school district has academic competitions on the junior high & high school grade levels, but this was the first year she joined the team. She's competed in journalism events all year & has loved it! These are all her medals from the year of weekend events. She's quite proud of all she's accomplished. Today she placed 4th in Editorial writing. Only places 1-3 get to move on to the next level of competition, so today was her last meet for the year. She's spent the whole year beating kids from high schools all over the place, most of them older than her, so even getting 4th place today was still pretty huge!! Way to go, baby girl!!

*Today our community paid respects to a 19 year law enforcement officer. A week or so ago, Officer Robert Britton responded to a call of an injured animal in a roadway at about 2:00am. When he arrived on the scene, he discovered the animal to be a cow. He directed traffic around the injured cow for a short time. When other officers arrived on the scene, Officer Britton approached the animal and apparently frightened it. The cow stood up & charged at the officer, tossing him into the air. When he landed, the cow attacked him on the ground. The other officers were able to get the cow off of him, but he had already suffered head trauma & wounds that were severe enough to put him into the ICU for several days. Officer Britton passed away earlier this week.

Having a husband in law enforcement myself, we feel these losses perhaps a little more deeply than others might. In 2002, Larry was injured on duty & I still VIVIDLY remember getting "the phone call" from his chief. He called to tell me that Larry had been hurt in a fight and that he was in an ambulance being taken to the hospital & I needed to go there. He didn't have much information, so my heart raced in fear. Had he been shot? Stabbed? What happened??? Once of the most comforting & amazing things was arriving at the E.R. and seeing the line of police officers & sheriff's deputies lining the driveway & sitting in the waiting room. There is a real brotherhood among cops & firefighters & paramedics -- they take care of each other.

And so today, as Larry sat in the funeral he said it was awesome to see the many, many, many badges & uniform shirts in the audience. So many gathered to honor this fallen hero. Larry said that the 'final call' over the radio was overwhelming emotionally, as it always is. The dispatcher comes over the radio system (which is on the airwaves for all the local officers to hear and it is on a microphone for those at the funeral to hear) & makes a call for the fallen officer's badge number as if calling for a response from them. They wait a few moments & call them again. And then they call a third time. When no response comes back, they announce that the officer has answered their final call & will be missed. As I type this, tears are rolling down my cheeks. I am so very grateful that *my* officer has not answered his final call and that he has come home to me again & again. Thank you, God!

Tonight, lift up a prayer for Officer Britton's family. Rest in peace, brother. You will be missed.

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Lauree said...

So your mention of Officer Britton made me cry and I didn't even know him. We don't do the Easter Bunny either. We do go to a friend's home to hunt eggs but it's fun and fellowship. We do baskets but with less candy, they're from us.