Saturday, July 21, 2012

Summer 2012: Week 8

We have 1 more full week of July left (plus a couple of days) and then it's August.

I wrote an article last night for the newspaper where I have a column that went something like this:

As I write this (July 20), I am stunned to realize that there are only twenty eight days left until I have to report in for inservice time with (name of our local school district where I work--removed from this blog site for safety). Can summer really be just about over already? I've only got 28 more days to make this summer count! Here's the plan.

First, I'm going to pile the kids into the mini van and high tail it to the snowcone stand on ____ Rd. We haven't had nearly enough snowcones this summer. But, wait! None of my kids are fans of snowcones. Okay, scratch that. I'll just have one by myself.

Second, I'm going to set out the sprinkler or the Slip and Slide and break out the camera to get pictures of the kids acting silly and playing in the water. Nevermind, I forgot they are too old for that. None of them enjoyed it last summer when I made them do it then. I guess I can put a big check mark by at least one of my summer goals.

Third, I'm going to take the kids to swim at a friend's pool. We've only been swimming once this summer as a family. Fortunately, the kids have been swimming at camp, on trips and with friends. We are pet sitting this week and the owners are letting us use their pool. Hooray!

Fourth, I'm going to let them sleep late each day and take an afternoon nap myself. Hang on, I've been doing that all summer anyway.

Fifth, I'm going to grab a book off the bookshelf and stay up until 2:00 in the morning reading. Oh yeah, I've been doing that, too. (I suppose that explains the afternoon sleepiness.)

Sixth, I'm going to make sure that each of the kids has at least one fun, exciting experience before the summer ends. Of course, I guess a trip with grandparents to Colorado, two week long camps, an out of town visit with friends and a night of cousin camp at Grandma's house would qualify for that...and those things have already happened!

Seventh, every weekend when I grocery shop, I am going to buy a People magazine and read it cover to cover in a hot tub full of bubbles. Then again, I do that year-round. I suppose that's not just a summer 'thing'.

You know, it looks like I've done all the summer things I wanted to do anyway. I guess I am better at planning our summers than I realized. I suppose it's time to head back to work and school. 28 more days? I can do that!

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