Saturday, February 23, 2013

Saturday morning

I've never been one of those people to pop out of bed in the morning, all bright-eyed & bushy tailed, raring to go, giddy to face the day.  But some mornings, I realize more so than others that I am really not a morning person.  This morning for example was one of those days.

Sarah had to be at the school to leave on for a competition at 7:00.  Yes, 7 AM on a Saturday morning.  She was really excited about today, so she set 2 alarms.  She's seen her sister go on these competition trips and knows that she's slept through her alarm a couple of times.  So to be safe, she laid out all her clothes last night, set 2 alarms and went to bed early.  She was pumped!

Her 2 alarms were set to go off at 6:00.  She could get up, get dressed, brush her hair, eat her breakfast, brush her teeth and come wake me up about 6:45 to head out the door.  (Which was still too early since we live about 90 seconds from the school driveway, but whatever...)

Let me just say one thing before I continue.  (ahem....tapping microphone...)  I am a mother.  I wake up when my kids do, whether I want to or not.  My husband however, does not.  One of the kids could climb into bed with us and vomit while simultaneously blowing an air horn and he'd sleep through it.  If he responded at all, it would be to yell at them to be quiet before he started snoring again.  I realize most dads are like this, but on mornings when I am awakened earlier than I hoped to be, it irritates me to no end that his sleep is not disturbed as well.  After all, if I have to be awake, he should have to as well, right?  Misery loves company

Ok, so Sarah showed up in our bedroom at 6:05.  Fully dressed.  She whispered ever so quietly that she was about to go eat her breakfast.  I do not know why she felt the need to announce this, but I nodded and she went to the kitchen.  Our bedroom is right off the kitchen so at that point, she could've hovered over the floor silently & nibbled marshmallows for breakfast and it would've been too loud for me to sleep through.  When she flipped on the cornea-burning bright kitchen light, I think I might've yelled.  I got up & crawled around the bed to the kitchen door and turned off the light & showed her how she could use the little light over the stove (on the vent-a-hood) to cook and eat with.  After all, microwaving a breakfast burrito doesn't take much light.  Then I went back to bed & told her to wake me up at 6:45.  But before I could doze off again, I needed to pee.  Sigh.

At about 6:20, she showed up in our bedroom again, this time to sit down at the computer.  I growled that she better NOT turn on the computer because the screen is veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyy bright and I did not want to see that.  I reminded her that we didn't need to leave for another 25 minutes & ever-so-pleasantly requested that she get the heck out of my bedroom & let me sleep for just a few more minutes.  She complied, all while my husband's slumber went completely undisturbed.

And then I needed to pee. Again.  Sigh.  I stumbled to the bathroom and back and crawled under my covers.  Just about the time I got cozy and fell asleep again, Sarah came to the bedroom door & said "Mommy!  It's time to go!"

Can you hear my groan from there?

I crawled out of bed, threw on a jacket (to cover the pajamas I was going to drive to the school wearing!) and grabbed my wallet and keys.

It was then that I realized how close we are to the time change.  I opened the front door & BAM it was totally daylight and I think every bird in the surrounding four counties had convened in our yard to CHIRP CHIRP CHIRP CHIRP CHIRP CHIRP CHIRP CHIRP.  I am not a cursing person at all, but in that moment, some words that I forgot I knew came to mind in regard to those dang cheery birds.  I'm pretty sure that if I'd been holding a firearm or a large brick, I could've taken out a few of them.

We pulled up to the school a minute and a half later.  That's when I looked at the clock and realized it was 6:40.  Good grief.....the bus wasn't leaving for another 20 minutes.  I could've slept longer!  The bus was already there, waiting with the door open.  There were other cars parked there, so I knew some of the teachers/chaperones must already be on the bus.  I pulled up & told Sarah goodbye & wished her good luck.  As I hugged her, she responded that she was just going to sit in the car with me and wait for a while.  She wanted to wait for a particular friend to arrive so they could get on the bus together.  Aaaaaaarrrgggghhhh. 

"Seriously, we're just going to sit here for 20 minutes?  Precious child of mine, I may have to kill you.  I want to go back to sleep!!"

About 10 minutes and lots of 12 yr old chatter later, her friend pulled up & they bounced off to the bus together.  I pulled out of the parking lot and was back in my cozy bed within 5 minutes.

But then I had to pee again.  {Depends adult diapers are beginning to sound more & more appealing.}

By that time I was wide awake.  I went to the kitchen & microwaved myself 2 of the breakfast burritos, only to discover that they were nastyyyyy!  I stumbled to the computer & checked the bank account, read my emails and checked facebook.  My mom was due to arrive at our house around 9:30, so when I started to get drowsy a little after 8:00, I cheered that I could go back to bed & probably get in another hour or so of rest before I had to be up for the day.

I set the alarm & crawled under the covers next to my (grrr...) sleeping husband.  As my eyelids fluttered closed, I heard "buzzzzzzzzz".  His cell phone's text alert.  {Remember how Larry can sleep through airhorn blowing, vomitting children?  Yeah...the same goes for his cell phone's buzz.}  If I didn't get up & shut it off it would give a reminder buzz every couple of minutes and I'd never get back to sleep.  I got up, answered the text from his friend at work, turned the sound to silent and got back in bed. phone this time.  I checked the message, fearful that it was one of my children {did I mention that all three are away from home today on school or scout events and I have looked forward to sleeping late all week?}  Then I turned my phone to silent as well & got back in bed.

As I snuggled into my warm cocoon, I glanced at the clock.  Ah....45 minutes.  I thought "Yes!  I can get in a power nap and wake up refreshed."

I got a few minutes worth of sleep before Larry partially woke up & asked me a question.  I whispered a reply before I heard his breathing pick up that sleepy rhythm again.  I rolled onto my side and curled up...about the time the alarm went off.

It's probably for the best that it did anyway.  I really needed to pee.

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