Thursday, March 14, 2013

Year of Dates: March

Tonight, Larry and I went on our March date for our Year of Dates. 

This month's date was a Restaurant Crawl.  That is kind of like a progressive dinner for all the Southern Baptists out there.  (Hush...I grew up in a Southern Baptist church.  I know our love language is food.  ha ha!)  We shared an appetizer at Applebee's, then walked next door to share an entree at Olive Garden, then drove to Andy's for dessert.  Since we were on a budget, we didn't spend more than $10 at any of the three places!  In fact, at Olive Garden some sneaky friends paid for our meal!!  THANK YOU friends!!

Here's the envelope and card for this month's date.

When we got to Applebee's, there was a short wait.  Larry checked in with the name "Raul".  I cracked up when he told me what he'd done.  So from that point forward, Raul and I started planning what his name would be at Olive Garden.

Me and my date, Raul, while we waited for our table at Applebee's.

When we walked into Olive Garden, I was giggling pretty hard because of all the name options we had discussed on the walk over.  I just knew they'd never believe any name he gave them if I was laughing so much, so I thought I'd slip into the bathroom while he checked us in, then come out after I stopped giggling.  As it turns out, a friend who works there was at the front desk so I figured he wouldn't give a fake name.  After all, she'd know it was a fake name.  So I approached the desk with him, but she walked off at the last second, so when they asked him for his name, he said it was Alowishus. (or however you spell that!)  The lady asked him if he could spell it.  He replied "Yes."  If you know my crazy husband, you know he can't spell worth a darn, so to ask HIM to spell Alowishus is pretty funny.  The girl tried to spell it & he just nodded his approval.  But then he broke into the Paul Simon song (just speaking the lyrics, not singing) and said she could call him Al.  I was biting through my cheek and I'm pretty sure there were tears welling up because I was trying not to roll in the floor laughing.  Gosh I love this crazy man!

(If you're too young or don't remember the Paul Simon song, you can hear it here:

Clearly, you can't leave Alowishus alone at the Olive Garden table for too long or he starts playing.  I almost spewed Dr. Pepper out my nose when I looked up and saw this.

So of course, it was then his goal to make me laugh harder and louder.  Let's just say he accomplished his goal.  I love this looneytoon!  He doesn't care if he embarrasses himself if it makes me laugh.  This next one is my favorite.

Did you know you can build your own pizza at Olive Garden?  We had pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms & tomatoes, but couldn't finish it all because we knew there we had 1 more stop to make!  After all, you've gotta save room for frozen custard!

Our last stop of the evening was at Andy's.  Yummy!  I had a banana coconut concrete.  Larry had a root beer float.

Wow my tummy's full.
.....and so is my heart!


Katie - a Blessed Mommy! said...

Ha! I never comment on blogs but that was HILARIOUS! Loved the various fashion statements of how to wear a napkin as demonstrated by Al. Laughing out loud in my kitchen right now.

Chelsea F. said...

Oh my godsh!!! This one made me cry laughing over Larry's napkin fashions! HAHAHAHAHA!