Monday, June 3, 2013

Year of Dates: June 2013

Tonight was our date night for our Year of Dates.

I would show you what the card inside said, but it really doesn't matter because we kind of got off track of doing what it said.  So here's what we really did tonight!

First, I got all dolled up for my sweetie & sent him this pic, telling him I was looking forward to our date.

Since he was meeting me there after work, I drove up to our destination & got us a table.

Larry was on the way, so I knew it wouldn't be long til he got there.  We had texted & I knew what road he was crossing when I arrived.  He was only about 2 miles away.  So I sat down at the table with the chips & hot sauce & starting munching while I waited.

I think it's a Texas thing.  I'm a big weenie for spicy stuff, so I put butter into my hot sauce to cool it off.  I took this picture mostly for my BFF Bethany who lives in Missouri & had never heard of people doing this before I told her about it.

After about 20 minutes, I was starting to get worried about Larry since he still had not arrived.  When he finally got there, he told me that he'd witnessed a major wreck about 1/4 mile from the restaurant.  He helped get the lady out of her car and had to stick around to tell the police what happened.  We were supposed to meet at 6:30.  He arrived shortly before 7:00.  And then I'd eaten way too many chips with my buttery hot sauce.  ha ha!

I decided I had better be good so I could at least sort of stick to my low carb diet so I got a "Mexican chicken caesar salad".  We never did figure out why it was called 'mexican'.  It looked just like every other Caesar salad I've ever eaten.  Yum!

Larry enjoyed his Baja Chicken Fajitas as well.

When we got done eating, I told him we needed a date picture.  He kept arguing with me about taking a picture (he hates having his picture taken), so I assured him I would get one somehow!

And I did.  But blogger is warping the pic.  How weird.  This was actually a vertical pic, but it's looking short & square.

Actually, I got 2 pictures of him!  (Don't worry...we were sitting at a red light.)

And voila....our June date night is complete.

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