Saturday, March 15, 2014

Boing, boing, boing

That title is the sound of me bouncing from one thing to another.  My brain is busy tonight.  Lots of thoughts.  This is going to be all over the place.  Don't say I didn't warn ya.

*I just discovered an old Miley Cyrus song on youtube called When I Look at You.  It's actually pretty good.  I think it came out at about the same time she released The Climb, which I also enjoyed.  Why did Miley have to go & turn into a skank?  Granted, I really like her funky blonde short hair, not many women can pull that off, but geez.  She used to be a role model for my daughters.  Now, well...not so much.  Ugh.

*If you don't already follow her blog, go visit Allyson and be prepared to be blessed.  Allyson is the friend of a friend who has become my own friend.  (Did you follow that?)  She was diagnosed with cancer a number of years ago and has recently moved into Hospice care.  She is still blogging about this awkward, hard season of life when she realizes that she's facing death, but she is still living and watching the world change around her.  She is powerful and poetic and brutally, gut-wrenchingly honest.  Gosh I love her.

*I am re-reading THIS book that I read last year at this time.  I am Protestant so while I don't officially celebrate Lent, I have discovered in recent years that I really like to use this time to focus my heart on Christ.  While I can focus on Him year-round, there is a special definition to this space in time that creates a bit of a boundary to the rest of my life, a time to quietly sit at the foot of the Cross each day and ruminate what He did for me.  I don't feel like I have to give something up for Lent each year (although I'm not opposed to that), but rather I add something to my life during this time.  For me, that means a book that helps me really focus.  There are daily readings that walk you through the 40 days leading up to Easter.

*Have I mentioned that I started collecting Coke rewards last summer?  Several friends save them for me and when I drink a coke, I save the bottle cap.  Over the past year, I've gotten numerous coupons for free Cokes and powerades, a free subscription to Redbook and about 100 free prints from Shutterfly.  If you don't collect the points, save them for me!  Email me if you have some to share!

*I saw this next picture on Facebook this week.  I loved it so much I made it my cover picture.  I think we all need to get it tattooed across our foreheads.  Or on our forearms.  Or written in sharpie on our hand.  Something big like that.

*Tonight I made up a recipe that was really good.  I made a cheesy BBQ meatloaf.  Meat, some BBQ sauce, some chunks of cheese, some bread was a hit!  Once in a while, mama scores!

*Have you heard about oil pulling?  I have NO IDEA why it's calling "pulling" because no one is pulling anything.  When I think "pulling", I think pulling hair, pulling your leg....but's called oil pulling.  Basically you take 1 tsp- 1 TBSP of vegetable-based oil (coconut, sesame or sunflower seem to be the main ones that are used) and swish it around in your mouth for 20 minutes each morning.  There is a whole list of health benefits.  I had some cheapo refined coconut oil that I tried it with this week.  Let me tell ya, that stuff is NASTY.  It tasted like well....about what you'd expect a mouthful of plain Crisco to taste like!  I couldn't stick with it.  Too gross.  But everyone told me to go find organic, UNrefined coconut oil because it would make all the difference.  We'll see.  It does SMELL better.

*Spring Break is nearly over.  I may cry on Monday morning when the alarm goes off.

*I took a "Who is your celebrity boyfriend?" quiz this week.  We all know how accurate and life-changing those quizzes are.  This one got it right sort of.  For years, my celebrity crush was on Will Smith.  Larry would call me into the living room when he was coming on TV.  I've since moved on to other cute celebrities, but this quiz pegged my celebrity boyfriend as Will Smith.  ha ha!!

*I read THIS earlier this week.  Truly wonderful post for all the young mamas out there.  I wish I had read it back in those years when I had an infant in my arms, a toddler attached to my leg and a preschooler following behind me.

*If you don't follow any other links I posted in this blog tonight, visit THIS ONE.  It's beautiful.  Warning: you may need Kleenex toward the end.  So sweet.  The beauty and strength of friendship forged between women is pretty huge.

*We visited another college with Savannah on Monday.  I was amazed (and shocked) by what they felt like an adequate financial aid package would include.  Isn't college supposed to be about getting an EDUCATION?  So you would want to encourage & support kids who come in with REALLY good grades, right?  Pretty much every other college she's applied to has given her SOMETHING for her grades & SAT scores.  Not this one!  They said "Here's the cost of everything.   You were approved for $XXX in pell grants.  If you then take out 2 loans and mom & dad pitch in SEVERAL thousand per semester, you can come here." thanks.  Savannah turned in an application for a BIG scholarship while we were there.  If she gets that scholarship, it will be almost like getting a full ride and it will be do-able.  If not, she will stay here local in the Fall & go to the junior college (who already offered her a full ride.)

*It's 2:43 AM.  I am still wide awake.  I guess I will go lie down and see if I can get my eyeballs to close.

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