Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Year of Dates: March 2014

Tonight we went on our March date.  It was a little less "formal" than usual.  Larry was coming from work, where he's been dealing with some super stressful stuff this week, and I was coming from the house where I'd been cleaning all day.  We went to a very public, small Mexican place here in town where we ran into 500 people we know.  So it wasn't so much a date night.  And that's totally OK!  They are not all hotels & wine & roses!  (well, hotels & water bottles & roses, anyway!)

After eating plenty...

...we headed home.  I tried to get Larry to pose for our usual date night picture but couldn't get him to cooperate.  ha ha!  That's ok.  I took a few pictures anyway!  ha ha!!

We had a good supper and enjoyed our time together.  And now...we're home.  He's parked in front of the TV with his work laptop & a bunch of files and I'm parking in front of the computer.  Back to reality!  ha ha!

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