Friday, March 7, 2014

So...this happened.

I think it was last week that I spent 12 hours in labor & had this 7 lb 6 oz bundle of screaming craziness.  And then this week we got a package with THIS in it.

And we got a copy of another senior picture from our favorite adopted aunt/photographer that will go into her senior ad in the yearbook.  And I sent in the final drawing/sketch for that senior yearbook ad.

And we set up the final details for a college visit that we're headed to on Monday.

And then today one of her teachers sent me a copy of the recommendation letter she wrote for a scholarship Savannah has applied for.  Oh my Lord, it was amazing.  I bawled.

Somebody seriously needs to stop all this or slow it down.  I've got less than 3 months until she walks across the stage & embarks into adulthood.  I'm going through all the things she needs to know to survive as an adult and trying to determine if I've missed anything on the list.  I'm not readyyyyyyyy!

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