Friday, December 24, 2010

An Original Christmas Carol by Liz Reeves

Yesterday morning, my status on Facebook said something like "It's just not Christmas til someone throws up." Oh yes...yet another year of a stomach bug at Christmastime in the Reeves house. It seems like we're always "blessed" with some sort of intestinal "disturbance" at this time of year. Lovely, huh? This year (so far!) it's only attacked Sarah and she seems to be on the mend now. We're praying we don't all get it! And so, yesterday as I sprayed Lysol & did laundry, I began re-writing a Christmas carol to fit our family's (apparent?) tradition of holiday vomitting, diarrhea & fever. Sing along! (Make sure you scroll down & pause the music before you sing my song, though!)

(to the tune of "Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire")

Children heaving near an open toilet...
Lysol tickling your nose.
Yuletide carols being sung 'round the porcelain
And moms dressed up like surgeons. {Note: I know it doesn't rhyme, but think rubber gloves & sterile gear to prevent the spread of a virus!}

Everybody knows some germs & bacteria
Help to make the cheeks glow bright {with fever}
Tiny tots with the buckets all full...
Will sleep next to a towel tonight.

You know diarrhea is on the way.
With lots of Fever & Gatorade today.
And all of this mother's children will start to sigh,
When I say "No way are you touching the pie!"

And so I'm offering this simple word...
For moms from 18 to 93.
Change the sheets & spray the Lysol and wipe down things with bleach!
And then you won't spend Christmas like me.

ha ha...yeah, we're a little warped over here....that's just how we roll at the Reeves house.

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