Thursday, December 30, 2010

Sickness, be gone!

On Dec 13th, Savannah went to the doctor because she was running fever & had a sore throat. It was strep throat. Ugh. She ended up missing 2 or 3 days of school that week while we waited for her antibiotic to kick in & kill her fever & yucky throat. The kids got out of school for the Christmas break on the afternoon of the 17th so she missed 1/2 of that last week of school.

On the 23rd, Sarah came down with a stomach virus. We had no idea that we'd been exposed to it the weekend before. My niece had it the day before Sarah did and we'd all been together that weekend, so we figure someone there had it & just didn't know it yet. Anyway, last Thursday, Sarah got it. I worked like a mad woman all day Lysoling, stripping sheets, wiping things down with Clorox wipes. Throughout the weekend, I was queasy off & on and had a headache. I was the only one who was in real close contact with Sarah while she was sick (cleaning up after her, etc) so I figured that was why I was feeling yucky. But it never turned into anything for me, so I thought we'd beat it.

Today is December 30th. Samuel went over to a friend's house to spend the night tonight. The mom called me about 8:00 & said Samuel had an upset tummy and a headache. She gave him some Pepto for the stomachache and he promptly threw it up. Luckily, they just live around the corner, so they walked him home right away.

Is it too much to hope that this was just a fluke thing & we're not STILL dealing with the stomach virus from last week?

Ugh...I tell ya, it's been a party a minute over here since mid-December. Come on new year! Let's start January healthy!

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